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Chronicles of Harkle: Prince Harry Can’t Get Over His Mother’s Death

Diana; meltdown

Prince Harry is a big baby who cannot let go of the past. I’m sorry, but it’s true. As cliché as that sounds, I have never wanted to scream ‘money grabber’ from the rooftops so much. The reason I’m even writing this is that I’ve been watching a lot of ‘anti-Sussex’ videos. Now, before I continue, it should be known that these videos are NOT bashing Meghan’s race so PLEASE do comment on social media that it’s racist. I’ve noticed – and so have these YouTubers – that the Duke of Sussex seems to be using the death of his mother, Princess Diana as an excuse for wanting to ‘protect’ his family.

Again, I’m sorry, but Princess Diana has been gone almost twenty-five years. Her death was awful and I’m not denying that but for her almost forty-year-old son to be screeching, “I’m protecting my wife from the same powerful forces that killed my mother” is just totally annoying. Yes, that is part of one of Harry’s word salad speeches and I’m honestly tired of him using his mother’s death as an excuse for bashing his own family… on the obvious orders of his wife.

Since he and Meghan have been together, Harry has used Diana as the sole reason he wants to ‘protect his wife’. However, they are constantly in the public eye, taking the spotlight away from the actual royals who are making a difference. If the late princess were still alive today, she would be appalled by her son’s behaviour. This was not how she raised him and she taught him and his brother to value everyone, to not take advantage of their hospitality.

It All Boils Down To Meghan

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Now, we know Meghan loves to ham it up for her husband so he will do whatever it is she wants. After all, she wants to be the most beloved and famous person in the world. God that backfired on her very quickly. Now, you’re probably wondering what this haas to do with the Duchess of Lies. Well, let me explain.

It has never been a secret that Meghan is OBSESSED with Princess Diana. She can claim she knew zero about the royal family or who Harry is all she wants, but we see through it.

According to her ex-best friend, Ninaki Priddy, the now-Duchess of Sussex wanted to be the new Princess Diana. I’ve addressed this in various posts across the royal section of this blog. Anywho, I believe the former pal of MM when she says all this. What could she herself get out of it? She has done like two interviews and as far as I know, she hasn’t gotten criticised for it.

Meghan has been obsessed since she got that engagement ring on her finger about her image. She wants to be seen as this saint while the rest of the world is just stupid and that we need to be preached to be just like her. Sorry, love but most of us can see through your lies. We all know you wanted to be the new Diana. Don’t bother trying to deny it like you would normally.

It is in her tiny mind that she is deserving of talking down to people who are lower on the food chain than her. She thinks she owns the title the Queen lovingly gave Harry that she [Meghan] just do happened to gain upon marriage. If she and her husband were to divorce, she would lose the title.

Why Is Meghan So Desperate To Become Like Diana?

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Diana was an icon and Meghan knows this. From Ninaki’s recount, her former BFF was OBSESSED. She was gifted and read books on the royal family, especially the Princess of Wales.

Since her engagement, she has not acknowledged her former best friend’s claims. I honestly think that Meghan is not willing to accept that she is not going to ever be seen in the same light as Diana. Despite what people say about the late princess, she was no saint and neither is Charles.

However, Meghan wants to be seen as this goddess who has done nothing wrong. She cannot see that Diana had her flaws just like everyone else. If anything, the reason Harry even married her is because he was looking for someone who similar to his mother.

Meghan is not a saint like she portrays and it shows in the stories that have come out about her. She has trashed her own family, abandoned her old friends when they were no longer a necessarily. Diana would have NEVER abandoned anyone.

Markle does not understand that she will never be Princess Diana. Her ego blinds her to this idea and it is just cringeworthy to having to listen to.

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