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The Bold And The Beautiful: There’s A New Buckingham Coming To Los Angeles


Welcome to Los Angeles, Paris Buckingham…

The Lion Guard and Empire star Diamond White is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as the previously unmentioned Paris Buckingham, the sister of Zoe and second daughter of the imprisoned Reese Buckingham.

Diamond has started shooting her first scenes for her debut to air in about five-six weeks from now in early November according to Deadline Hollywood. What makes this interesting is we don’t know what Paris’ motives are for showing up in Los Angeles. That’s why we’re going to talk about a few theories we have regarding the new Buckingham’s appearance.

Theory #1: Paris arrives to appeal to Zoe regarding their dad’s fate

We know Zoe was involved in the baby swap storyline to protect her dad from prison and there was no reference to her sister then. So, how could she come into the show? We can assume her existence would be a nod to Coco Spectra, Sally’s sister who just randomly came into the show as a plot device alongside Shirley who is the original Sally’s unacknowledged sister.

Paris could arrive in LA to talk to Zoe about their dad’s fate in prison. Perhaps he died in jail or something but the news doesn’t get back to LA so The younger Buckingham might be asked to tell her sister of their dad’s death.

Or, there’s a possibility that Reese appeals to Zoe but she ignores his pleas so he ends asking Paris to plead to her sister.

Theory #2: Paris arrives and attracts the attention of Carter and/or Zende

We know Zende is coming back but there is no date for his return. However, what if Paris’ arrival causes a clash with Zoe over Carter? This would be a good move away from Steffy/Liam/Hope and the whole Brooke/Ridge/Shauna love triangles, at least for a moment.

The other thing we just had to point out is how Zende whom we also mentioned could be included. We know he’s coming back but it’s unclear how or why. Do he and Nicole break up for some reason?

We’ve known for a while that Nicole was able to give birth to her niece Lizzy for her sister, Maya and her then-husband Rick. Unfortunately, she was told she would not be able to conceive a child of her own because of the damage Lizzy’s birth caused to her body.

Not being able to have a child with Zende caused conflict for Nicole but they were working their way through it. So, why is he returning to LA? Last time we heard, they were still as loved up as Vivienne, Nicole and Maya’s mother mentioned a while.

From what has been rumored, Nicole and Maya are meant to be coming back. Question is, what happened between the middle Avant sister and Zende to cause him to return to Los Angeles with her? How could this include Paris Buckingham, Zoe, and Carter?

Theory #3: Paris and Zoe don’t get along

There’s a million ways to bring Paris into the narrative, outside of her trying to steal Zoe’s man. If we’re honest, it would be nice if there were no manipulations. However, it would be incredibly juicy if the Buckingham sisters didn’t get along.

Then comes the reasoning of why they don’t get along. It could be anything, but our guess is that Paris blames her sister for their dad ending up in prison. Again, this is just a theory. Or perhaps they have clashing personalities or the (presumed younger) sister wants revenge on Zoe for being more successful than she is.

Theory #4: Paris gets into trouble

You cannot have a family reunion without someone showing up and revealing they’ve gotten themselves into trouble. Perhaps, this is what happened with Paris. Maybe Zoe gets a call from someone in the family and its about her sister getting in some trouble that she then has to bail her out of.

This could lead to some tension between the sisters Buckingham. Sure, Zoe is no saint, but she knows when she did something wrong. It would be fascinating to see how different Paris and Zoe are from each other. This would be like comparing Thomas to RJ or Ridge to Thorne or even Bridget to Hope.

Theory #5: Paris has an agenda to usurp Zoe as a top Forrester model

Zoe is known for her schemes, but what if Paris is even worse? What if she has plans to ruin her sister’s career and to usurp her as a top Forrester model? This would cause not just friction, but endless drama. Heck, it would be better than all the times Steffy and Hope went up against each other on the catwalk.

What makes this theory plausible is the idea of sibling rivalry which we have not seen on Bold for a while. Sure, there is constant conflict between Steffy and Hope, but they’re on-off step-siblings rather than actual sisters. Let’s not forget the whole Ridge/Thorne fight where Eric always favours his adoptive son over his biological eldest son. That within itself is just GOLD.

Going back to the Buckingham sisters, Zoe and Paris are probably polar opposites. One is naturally talented while the other is forced to work hard. Who knows? It’s just food for thought at this point.

Whatever the case will be, we’re just happy there’s going to be another new character for us to watch.

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