Hold On… How Do They Know That? The Details From Harry And Meghan’s Pregnancy Announcement


So much for privacy! A US Magazine somehow got details on the maternity dress Meghan is seen wearing in her and Harry’s second pregnancy announcement…

Okay, this is just odd. People Magazine have published a piece on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second pregnancy announcement and have added details no one else has written about. The article mentions that the former actress is wearing a Caroline Herrera dress. How many people would know this outside of Meghan?

Someone would have to have told People magazine about this and other details. The second tidbit is interesting. According to the article, the dress was made for Meghan when she was pregnant with Archie.

Okay, we know that Meghan has very expensive tastes. Her first maternity wardrobe (when she was a working royal) was a staggering million pounds. Who spends that much on clothing you’re only going to wear once? The Duchess of Sussex apparently.

Sussex Baby number 2
[Credit: Misan Harriman/People Magazine]

Also, why didn’t she wear this Caroline Herrera dress when she was pregnant the first time if it was made back then? What mystifies us is how People Magazine know any of this. It wouldn’t surprise us if a ‘friend’ leaked this information on Meghan’s behalf. She likely knows about the fashion website, Meghan’s Mirror which showcases all of the Duchess’ clothing.

If Meghan (and Harry) wanted privacy, they wouldn’t have made the announcement at all. They only said it because of their immense hatred for the royal family. All the secrecy surrounding Archie’s birth and not allowing anyone to see him has conquered up a whole heap of conspiracy theories. If they cared, they would share at least one close up photo of him to stop them from becoming wild. Untamed would be a better word to describe it.

Also, if it were about privacy, Meghan would be suing People magazine and she isn’t going to. This point was made when five of her friends spoke to the publication while mentioning the letter she wrote to her father.

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