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The Secrets She Keeps: Agatha Begins To Get Desperate – Episode 5


Agatha becomes desperate to keep up the lie as the walls begin to close in around her as the police hunt down Nicky’s killer and Baby Ben’s kidnapper.

As time ticks by, a desperate Agatha tries to continue the lie that the infant she stole is hers. However, the police are closer to finding the baby boy and Nicky’s killer.

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Please note that this post contains massive spoilers for The Secrets She Keeps episode 5.

Ben’s Vigil

The community gathers around the Shaughnessy family as they pray for a miracle. They gather at the local church to hold a vigil for the missing infant. Police guard the event while one of the detectives watches from a pew. Agatha is also present with the baby. Hayden is with her.

Outside, Meghan bumps into Agatha. She is introduced to Hayden and ‘Rory’. She is also hounded by the media who are also present. Looking at the baby, there’s a moment that Aggie dreads that Meghan might recognise Ben.

The Police Close In On Nicky’s Killer And Hayden’s Fury

As they arrive home, Hayden and Agatha find two detectives on their doorstep where they ask to talk to the babynapper.

Inside, the detectives question Agatha about her marriage to Nicky, which reveals to Hayden that Aggie lied when she said the deceased man was her uncle when he was actually her ex-husband. She, of course, fakes her reaction at the fact he was killed by a train.

Knowing the walls are closing in and desperate to get the police off her tail, Agatha says Nicky seemed lonely when questioned about his state of mind. One of the detectives looks around and finds the coat Aggie was wearing when she pushed her ex off the platform. However, it’s without the hood. The second detective says he was bumped from behind and they want to talk to the person who was standing behind him.

The detectives are escorted out of the flat but before they leave, the female asks who contacted who. As this is happening, Hayden goes into bathroom, clearly pissed off that Aggie lied to him.

When Agatha goes back inside, Hayden lays into her for lying about who Nicky actually was to her and tries to prove that the coat she has is the same one the police mentioned. That’s when he mentions the locked box. He pulls it out and Agatha tries to grab it from him and reveals that she and Nicky lost a child. This makes Hayden go silent as he asked if ‘Rory’ was Nicky’s son. Agatha says she doesn’t like talking about the stillbirth and that it was in the past.

Hayden begs her not to lie to him again. The baby then begins to cry.

The Police Say The Shaughnessys Were Specifically Targeted

Down at the police station, the detectives in charge of Ben’s case tell Jack and Meghan that they were specifically targeted. The lead detective said they need to change their game plan to focus on the people around the kidnapper as they will see holes in her story and that what they’ve been told doesn’t add up.

They then say that another public appeal needs to be made in order for the kidnapper to be flushed out and that it needs to be Meghan who does it. At first, she refuses as she wouldn’t know what to say. The profiler says that it needs to come from her as the person who took Ben would either admire or loath her.

He adds that the longer the ploy goes on for, the more desperate the woman will become in thinking Ben is her child. To make his point, the profiler guy says that in the woman’s mind, the cops and the baby’s true parents are the real criminals.

Meghan Appeals To Her Child’s Kidnapper And Aggie Mentions Jack’s Affair

As promised, Meghan does a public appeal for information and begs the kidnapper to give her back her son.

At Agatha’s, Hayden lays on the couch watching Meghan’s appeal for answers about Ben. Aggie, not being able to watch it, walks over and switches the television off.

After recording her appeal, Meghan ends up in the bathroom, sick with worry. She then gets into an argument with Jack whom she still blames for Ben’s disappearance. Jack turns it around on her saying that if she hadn’t of started her blog, Ben wouldn’t be missing. Meghan argues she started the blog to get them out of debt.

Elsewhere, Hayden says that he reckons the person who took Ben is a psycho and if someone took ‘Rory’ away from them, he’d kill them with his own hands. That’s when he makes the point that the child wouldn’t be able to have a life as he wouldn’t have a birth certificate so he couldn’t get a driver’s licence or passport. Clearly, this is something Agatha hadn’t accounted for when she planned to kidnap Ben.

Hayden tells Agatha that she should be going more to help as her she knows her. Though, she says she would never betray her. He then says the Shaughnessys probably have millions of dollars or they will if they sue the hospital. Aggie says Meghan’s life isn’t perfect.

That’s when Agatha mentions that Jack was having an affair. This interests Hayden and he asks who with. She says Rhea Bowden.

Jack Gets Into A Barfight

Jack drowns his sorrows at the local pub and Simon tries to get him to go home to his family. He refuses as Meghan blames him for Ben’s disappearance and accuses his best friend of taking sides. Simon goes to leave but Jack pulls him back and almost punches him. Someone tries to break the fight up but is attacked. Turns out, the guy is a cop.

The Baby Begins Getting Sick And Jack Tells Meghan He Knows Simon Is In Love With Her

Elsewhere, ‘Rory’ begins getting sick as he’s not eating with Agatha becoming desperate.

Back at the Shaughnessy house, Jack arrives home in a police car and the media take photos. Inside, he talks with Meghan and reveals the reason he and Simon got into the fight. It was because of her and that his BFF is in love with her.

Meghan says she knows what happened and that, thankfully no charges were laid. Jack asks if she’s going to leave him and she tells him no and that he needs to go to bed.

Agatha Struggles As The Baby Gets Sicker And Meghan Pays Simon A Visit

Hayden lays in bed asleep while Agatha is desperate to get ‘Rory’ to feed. The little boy is getting sicker and she knows it but she doesn’t know what to do about it. So, she takes the baby out with her while Hayden sleeps.

Hayden wakes up and can’t find the baby or Agatha. He tries to ring her but her phone is still at home.

Simon tries to justify what he told Jack about loving Meghan to Meghan herself but she’s not having it. She tells him that he’s meant to be leaving them alone. He asks if that’s the reason the police showed up at his house, asking where he was when Ben was taken. Then he mentions his priors including using drugs and that his phone records show he was at the hospital rather than being at home and that he’s a suspect.

Meghan says that Ben might is Simon’s son when he brings it up. She grills him when he says that when they get the baby back, they’ll get a DNA test done. Meghan says she doesn’t think they’re going to get him back. They share a hug.

Agatha goes to the hospital to get ‘Rory’ treatment but chickens out and goes home.

Hayden grabs the locked box he found and is forced to break it open. He finds Agatha’s marriage certificate from when she was married to Nicky. He also finds locks of hair. Wanting answers, he rings the number on a postcard he finds, knowing it belongs to Agatha’s mother.

The Police Search The Shaughnessy House And Hayden Discovers The Truth About Rory

The police storm the Shaughnessy house with a warrant and Jack and Meghan hand over all their devices. The profiler asks Meghan to speak with him in private.

Agatha arrives back at the flat to find Hayden waiting for her. When she sees he got the box open, she panics with her boyfriend saying that they agreed no more lies. He then asks who was at Rory’s birth. She once again lies to him and says her mother and a midwife.

Hayden reveals he spoke with her mother and she wasn’t there and didn’t know she was pregnant. Agatha tries to turn the situation around and blames her mother being a control freak. He asks if she thinks he’s an idiot. Hayden demands to know who she’s hurt.

Then a knock comes at the front door and it’s the detectives who are investigating Ben’s disappearance who want to ask her some questions about her relationship with Meghan.

Jack Is Grilled By The Lead Detective While Agatha And Hayden Are Questioned

The lead detective questions Jack about baby number three. He then hints that perhaps Meghan wanted the new baby and he didn’t so she took things into her own hands. The guy says that Jack had opportunity as he left the hospital after the baby was taken and could have arranged for someone to take Ben.

The profiler tells Meghan that they found debris and think that someone was watching the house.

At Agatha’s, she and Hayden are questioned and get asked when ‘Rory’ was born. Agatha responds, saying he was born two weeks ago in Katoomba.

The profiler asks where Meghan was the night before and she says she went for a walk. This is a lie and the guy pulls her up on it, saying that they know she went to see Simon.

Hayden is asked if he was at the baby’s birth. He says he missed it by a day as he’s in the Navy. Agatha is asked who was with her and says there was a midwife named Belinda Wallace. Hayden adds, her mother was there too. Hayden lies and says Agatha’s mother is off the grid in Bali of all places.

The profiler said the female detective told him that she reckons Simon has something over Meghan and that when someone lies in a criminal investigation, it’s because they’re under duress. Meghan says Simon didn’t take Ben.

‘Rory’ begins to cry and Agatha says she’ll look for the number of the midwife. The female detective asks why she isn’t breastfeeding and Agatha maintains what she’s said before that she hasn’t got much milk.

The question of whether Ben isn’t Jack’s son comes up during the profiler’s conversation with Meghan. She says she loves her husband and asks if he going to tell Jack that she went and saw Simon.

Agatha Questions Hayden, The Truth About Jack’s Affair Comes Out And Jack Talks To Simon

After the detectives have left, Agatha questions why Hayden lied for her. Hayden tells her he doesn’t like when she lies to him but he hates the police more.

He leaves and meets with a journalist and tells him about Jack’s affair.

‘Rory’ is getting worse and Agatha begs for him to pull through.

Jack and Simon talk about Meghan. Jack’s phone rings and its the journalist from before. Simon tells him to fuck off but is told of Jack’s affair. He asks who Rhea Bowden is.

Agatha is panicking now and Hayden walks in to her telling him that the baby’s really sick and he tells her to ring the doctor. She calls, but not the doctor. Aggie calls her mother’s house instead. Hayden, knowing they need to do something, decides to call his mother for help. Agatha says the baby will be fine.

Hayden says he doesn’t care what she’s done and that the baby comes first and he needs a doctor.

Jack rushes home and finds Meghan on the stairs and she tells him she knows about the affair.

The Kids Ask About Their Brother And Agatha Does A Runner With The Baby

Suddenly, the kids rush in and ask if the baby’s dead as their mother has been crying. Grace is far from happy with him.

The doctor check the baby over and prescribes medication and says he needs to be taken to the hospital as he is dehydrated and asks about the blue book. Agatha says she left it at home.

When the hospital is mentioned, Agatha panics when the doctor says he’ll need to examine her. She declines and begins packing up the baby’s things when Hayden’s mum intervenes and says they need to do what is best for the baby. Agatha verbally attacks her and runs with the baby.

Agatha throws the phone out the window and asks the taxi driver to take her to Northridge. In a flashback when see her telling the grave of her previous baby that she’s having another baby and doesn’t love them any less. We then see there’s more graves in the same spot.

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