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Meghan Markle And The Desire For Fame

Desire; control

Meghan Markle has only ever been about one thing; to be the most famous person in the world. While, she has finally gotten that desire. However, it’s not what she expected…

[CAUTION: All information given in this post is pure speculation]

The more we talk about Meghan Markle, note not The Duchess of Sussex, the more we wanna vomit. She, H, and their word salads are not worth the effort. The one time royal who lasted a tiny eighteen months before making her grand exit in that gross, ill-fitting green cape dress is nothing but a social climber who used the royal family to accelerate her desire to be universally famous. We’ve already talked about Lady Colin Campbell’s opinion on the ‘fame addict’.

Meghan’s desire to be famous started when she was a child and basically made her a difficult person to work with as an adult. Since she married Prince Harry, she has been pushing the boundaries and issuing her opinion and ‘using her voice’ in ways no one cares about. She thought being a royal would be easy. Her plan appears to have been that she snag a wealthy man, retire from being an actress and just live in luxury for the rest of her life.

The former Suits actress plays her most challenging role yet; being able to keep Harry convinced she is the love of his life. She controls everything, including how they are perceived. She preaches so-called enlightenment but does the polar opposite. Meghan thrives off being in front of the camera. Every time there is a lens pointed at her, she smiles. So much for a woman who claims she wants privacy and was mistreated by the press.

There is no doubt she cried in Harry’s arms and lied by saying his family hated her and she wanted out and back to America. Whatever fibs she feed him worked and they are now in the US under the reign of Donald Trump, a man Meghan avoided during his UK visit.


[Credit: The Guardian]

Reports from all over the place have claimed that Meghan’s desire to be in charge have reached fever point. Many have alleged that she is disrespectful to those who are of no use to her. One example is an allegation that was made during the Royal Tour Down Under. Agueda Sanchez, a user on the site Quora allegedly knows what went on during the Sussex’s only tour of Australia in 2018 around the time the former actress and Prince Harry revealed their son, Archie was on the way.

According to this recount, Meghan wanted the whole of Admiralty House and not just a single wing. She complained ‘loudly’ about it and was only polite to the attractive members of staff. She apparently also threw a cup of tea at a staff member when it wasn’t to her liking. It allegedly got so bad that Lady Cosgrove got involved. She was then yelled at by Markle who (still allegedly) screamed at her, “Fuck off. Do you know who I am?!”

The account also goes into how Harry was left embarrassed by her diva antics and was constantly apologising to the staff. There was even a report that the staff member who the tea was thrown at was paid off to keep quiet.

Agueda also alleges that Harry and Meghan slept in separate rooms during their time at Admiralty House. Apparently, Markle kicked up a stink when she was asked to wear the Akubra hat she was given and she said she wouldn’t when it was made from rabbit pellets. Issue was, her shoes were made from calf leather. So, it’s a crime to wear rabbit but it’s not to wear baby cow?

Meghan’s disrespectful nature to another Commonwealth country is just cringeworthy.

Not Equal With The Sister-In-Law You’re Jealous Of

[Credit: Glamour]

To say Catherine and Meghan are totally different is an understatement. Markle’s place will be as the wife of the sixth in line for throne and no higher until Charles and William become king. Harry will rise to fifth and then to fourth after youngest nephew, Louis.

Catherine will some day be Queen Consort as she sits alongside William when he becomes king. She has worked her butt off to get where she is today. The Queen was worried about her place in the family when she and William became serious because she didn’t have a real job. However, she is now one of Her Majesty’s most beloved family members.

Meghan’s leading desire is to upstage her sister-in-law. If the fluff biography Finding Freedom is any indication, Catherine is portrayed as being like one of Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters, the villain of the piece. The idea was to paint Markle in the best possible light as being misunderstood and innocent.

It’s obvious that Meghan is jealous of how beloved Catherine is. In her eyes, it should be her because she’s this kind and thoughtful soul who gave up her acting career. This is nothing but utter rubbish.

Kate dated William for almost ten years. She endured media scrutiny and so did her family. To make it worse, she and her sister, Pippa were branded as social climbers when they weren’t. They were middle-class and hardworking to get where they ended up.

For Meghan, she feels like Catherine should’ve dropped all of her duties for a day to take her shopping. Firstly, the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince Louis. Secondly, she had Prince George and Princess Charlotte both vying for her attention and finally, she had her own duties to attend. She did not have time to teach Meghan.

Life Is Not A Fairytale

July, desire
[Credit: Hello Magazine]

Meghan’s desire for fame comes from the belief she deserves to live a life of luxury. Look at her spending habits, for example. She buys a dress worth thousands of dollars and only wears it once.

Catherine, meanwhile, goes to the clothing brand Zara and wears her choice of outfit and then re-wears it after some time has passed. Meghan does not do that. If you count the prices of the clothing between the two royal wives, Markle’s goes well over the one million dollar/pound mark.

But, does she deserve her fairytale ending? No, she does not. She manipulates everything she touches. One example is how she asked a friend whether they knew a rich Englishman. She ended up set up on a blind date with Harry and as they say, the rest is history.

Meghan will never understand how the monarchy operates. She believed because she was involved with a prince, she would change things by being a princess or a queen or whatever it is she wanted to be. In the engagement interview, she said she wanted to ‘hit the ground running’. Well, she did that and it backfired.

In the eighteen months she served as a senior royal, Meghan didn’t pull her weight the way Catherine does. She did a handful of work and that was it. Who knows what she did the rest of the time. Just for the record, we’re excluding the maternity leave. Every working royal woman is entitled to it. Also, we can stop and talk about the alleged tiara-gate scandal?

If the rumours are true and Meghan threw a colossal tantrum over not getting the tiara she wanted, then she isn’t living the fairytale. She assumed she would get access to the crown jewels and be able to wear a tiara whenever.

People Were Turned Off By Meghan’s Diva Behaviour, Not Her Race

[Credit: GQ Australia]

Meghan’s endgame was never to remain the UK. Sure, she shook people’s hands and took flowers from them with a big rosy smile but it is an act. Her biggest performance to date. When stories began to circulate about her behaviour, it was brushed off as ‘newbie nerves’.

However, the more it happened, people started to wake up to the idea that Meghan was acting a part and not genuine. There’s a reason why a staff member at Admiralty House was allegedly paid off to keep quiet. At the time, Markle’s reputation was still intact.

As time went on, her façade fractured and people started to be turned off by her behaviour when the African Journey documentary aired. She claimed she was unprotected by the monarchy during her pregnancy with Archie.

Then, when Meghan and Harry announced they wanted to be half-in, half-out of the monarchy, it became speculated that Markle was the one pulling the strings. She didn’t like being told ‘no’ so she invented the whole spiel of ‘the UK is racist’ to get people to sympathise with her. Again, the public turned on her and much of the world followed.

In Meghan’s mind, the world loves her and she is a great person, a la Finding Freedom which is co-written by Omid Scobie, one of Markle’s mouthpieces. She is living in a delusion. Harry is going along for the ride. Whether he is doing it against his own free will is unknown. We’re not saying his wife is evil, by the way.

The world sees her as a social climber. Every time a person is no longer of use, they’re discarded. Look at her former best friend Ninaki Priddy. They were friends most their lives. Then, Meghan became ‘famous’ because of Suits and everything went down hill.

The Constant Lies

[Credit: Insider]

Meghan has lied countless times. She claims to have not known that the British royal family was famous or who Harry was. This is one of the biggest fibs in her long, complicated history with the royal family. According to ex-bestie Ninaki Priddy, the former actress idolised Princess Diana, had read biographies about her, and wept as they viewed her funeral on television.

Markle would’ve known that Harry was Diana’s son without any doubt. How could she have missed the little boy walking behind the coffin? She claims that Americans don’t follow the royals and do not understand them. Did she really have any American fooled by that statement? Does she believe that everyone else in her home country is stupid and she’s the only smart one? She only represents a tiny percentage of the US population. It’s not like she knows every person.

There is no denying that Meghan did her research into the royals before this ‘blind date’ she and Harry went on. He may not see his wife for who she truly she is as he blinded by love, but the rest of the world does. The more drivel she drops about her hatred for her blue blooded in-laws, the more people are going to call her out. She will only have her groupies and A-list friends to lean on.

Meghan’s cult following is just nuts. People will defend her even if she is in the media every single day without fail sprouting lies to make herself look better. However, the world can see through her lies.

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