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Designer Wars: Thomas And Zende Go Head-To-Head

Designer Wars

Begun the designer wars have. Oooh, boy! Thomas thought he had the head designer gig for Hope’s fashion line in the bag. The one thing he didn’t count on was little cousin, Zende…

Thomas might think he’s a hotshot designer because his father is Ridge and grandfather is Eric, but he’s got some fierce competition. With his cousin Zende now back in town, he has been given the opportunity to work on Hope for the Future. This going to be a designer wars to remember.

Let’s just say Thomas is silently pissed that his little cousin got the job he’d had for so long. He thought that despite having been kicked out of the company because of his bad behaviour he would still have his head designer gig.

Sorry, Tommy Boy but it doesn’t work that way. You were terminated from your job, regardless if it was from the family business. Hope for the Future has grown since Steffy is no longer working (for the time being) on her own rival fashion line.

Zoe is on board and has been helping Hope out despite everything that happened with Beth.

The Designer Wars Tension Is Obvious

This designer wars is going to be really awesome to watch because it’s not a love triangle or a catfight. Here we have two grown men fighting it out over fashion designs of all things. Thomas and Zende are trying to impress Hope with their work so they can be the lead designer.

It’s also nice to see a different type of setup. The characters together in a room (social distancing, obviously) without any form of dialogue. They were simply using their eyes as a way of communicating.

Then… there’s the calling each other out.

Thomas says he never thought Zende would grow as a designer so fast.

Meanwhile, Zende takes a swipe at Thomas for everything that went down with Hope and Beth and Zoe. While he says he’s not judging his cousin at all, Tom thinks otherwise.

Poor Hope and Zoe! They would rather not be there while the two squabble. You can literally cut the tension with a knife.

Thomas… Thanks Zende For Calling Him Out?

Okay, we did not expect Thomas to thank Zende for calling him out. He tells Hope and Zoe and that he will never stop apologising to them for what he did to them.

He says he wants back into the family and wants to prove to them he is a better person.

Do we believe that? Ahh… should we? There is a rumor floating around that Thomas reverts back to wanting Hope. *cue Sideshow Bob shudder* Here we go again!

Does Zende believe it? Well, he knows his cousin. He knows how shady he can be. Zoe thanks him for calling her ex-fiancée out.

Two Different Perspectives

Zende tells Zoe that he’s going to keep an eye on Thomas which we suppose is good, right?

Meanwhile, Thomas questions Hope when he asks whether she was surprised that Zende had returned home. She tells him she was but he wasn’t as he had heard through the grapevine that things were ‘going south with Nicole’ but he didn’t have specifics.

He then pitches that he has the talent and the pedigree to work on HFTF, not Zende. Oh god! He is using his ‘I am Thomas Forrester!’ schtick again. Talk about Designer Wars getting nasty!

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