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The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Confesses To Ridge And Quinn LOSES It!

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The designer gloves are off as Shauna confesses that she helped mastermind their marriage alongside Quinn…

Ridge Forrester has always had an eye for strong women. That is what attracted him to Brooke Logan all those years ago. Fast-forward to the last few weeks and the designer gloves have come off when the war between the Forrester Matriarch, Quinn Forrester, and Shauna Fulton.

Now, it appears that Shauna is finally accepting that her dream man doesn’t love her the way he does Brooke. However, this is not what her BFF, Quinn has in mind. She wants to run her rival out of the Forrester family. This week, is where everything comes out and it’s going to be so juicy!

Shauna Does The Right Thing

When you think Shauna, the first thing that comes to mind is her involvement in keeping Baby Beth from Hope and Liam. However, when it comes to love, she’s always been about honesty. Having gotten involved deep with Quinn’s quest to get rid of Brooke, Fulton has allowed her feelings for Ridge to get the better of her.

She allowed Quinn to talk her into taking Ridge’s phone and texting Carter to file the divorce papers. Since the wedding in Vegas, Shauna has left guilty for what she’s done, and it has been eating her alive. Sure, her BFF told her to forget about it and just be happy with her dream guy, but that is not the point at all.

At least Shauna has some form of a conscience whereas Quinn doesn’t. All that matters to the jewelry designer is destroying any threat to her. It doesn’t matter if the designer gloves are on or off. She hates Brooke’s guts because she told Eric to dump her. Which brings us to our next section…

Eric Finds Out What His Precious Wife Has Been Up To

Eric is one of those characters you can’t help but feel really sorry for. His loyalty to everyone he cares for, including his ex-wives. However, being married to Quinn has always been a challenge. She promised him that she would change and she did; for a short time. Now, however, it’s a little more complicated because of Brooke.

There has always been great love between Eric and Brooke. Well, all of the Logans, if we’re honest. He has been married to two of three sisters and adopted Donna’s son, Marcus.

Quinn has never liked the Logans has never understood why Eric has such a soft spot for them. He has always championed Ridge and Brooke being together and has told his wife multiple time to stop getting involved. At one point, she did and everything was peachy. Shauna’s arrival in LA has changed the dynamic.

Going back to Eric, we’re going to see a massive shift in the narrative when Shauna comes clean to Ridge. She will then tell Quinn that she the right thing in telling her husband of what they did to break him and Brooke up. Well, the patriarch is going to overhear his wife rant to her best friend and that’s where the designer gloves come off.

There is no doubt Quinn is going to get an earful from her husband for what she has done. He’s likely to scold her for being so vindictive and hateful towards Brooke.

We also don’t doubt that she is going to defend herself and Shauna by saying that Ridge deserves a woman who won’t go around kissing other men. Ah… does she remember when she had an affair with her stepson and Eric found out about and disowned his son for a while? We cannot wait to see how this whole thing plays out.

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