Sussex Drama: Meghan Got Into Fights With Aides Over Clothing

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From bullying allegations to designer fashions, Meghan Markle is believed to have argued with aides over clothing that got sent to her…

When you’re an actress or some form of celebrity, you often get sent things for free. Meghan Markle got sent designer fashions all the time when she was an actress, however when she became a member of the British Royal family, this had to end. reports the now-Duchess of Sussex got into fights with palace aides over clothing that ended up getting sent to Kensington Palace.

Now, to the outside world this might not seem like too big of a deal. Though, when you marry into a prestigious family, you have to follow their rules. Meghan, obviously didn’t like this and fought tooth and nail to keep having freebies sent to the Palace. This was not the only thing she was forced to give up.

Meghan had to give up her social media accounts, her blog The Tig and her acting career which she claimed wasn’t a big deal. However, it was and she complained in Finding Freedom that she had given up everything for the royal family. Though, she actually made the choice to do so. She was not forced like she claimed.

Going back to the designer fashions, she was told by aides she would not be allowed to keep them. This is where they allegedly said as a member of the royal family, she couldn’t have freebies sent to her.

God only knows what her response was, though, it is easy to imagine. She likely screamed for Harry to let her have what she wanted. What should not have happened is him allowing her to treat people who work for Kensington Palace like trash. There is a reason why there are allegations of bullying to begin with.

In conclusion, if she could stop thinking about herself, she would see compassion means being kind to others.

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