Batwoman: Duela Dent Makes Her Debut


Batwoman has really gone all out with its familiar names approach. This week, they’re introducing a Dent to the mix…

Batman fans will know Harvey Dent as Gotham’s District Attorney and as Two-Face, but want happens when one his relatives goes on a bloody rampage? Well, he’s not Two-Face… yet in the Arrowverse and his niece has turned into someone looking to create copycats versions of herself.

Who Is Duela Dent?

In DC Comics, Duela isn’t Harvey’s niece, but his daughter. Over the years, she has claimed to be the child of several different villains after she was introduced as The Joker’s Daughter in 1976.

In her Batwoman appearance, she had it rough growing up and ended up slicing her face open. She was taken by her mother to a plastic surgeon only to institutionised for almost a decade.

Another point Luke brings up is that Duela’s father is unknown and that she was raised solely by her mother, Evelyn.

In the comics, Duela’s pre-Crisis (on Infinite Earths) speculated that Two-Face is her father. However, Dick Grayson theorises that she’s too old to be Harvey Dent’s daughter.

On Earth-3, it’s revealed that Duela’s father is the hero known as the Jokester is her biological father. Evelyn, her mother left him when she was pregnant.

Why Is Harvey Not Two-Face?

As far as Harvey is concerned, he’s one of Gotham’s most treasured ADAs. However, he’s not Two-Face, at least, not yet. Or he could be and Bruce left Gotham before he learned the truth. Whatever happens, it’s going to be awesome.

While it’s only one mention, though it should be noted that Harvey could still be ADA. We just haven’t seen any evidence or that and that he’s Two-Face.

Alice Gets Her Mitts On Duela

With everyone believing Alice died when her doppelgänger from another Earth, Beth was shot and taken out, it’s easy for her to run around and cause havoc. However, when she learns that her longtime captor, August Cartwright is still alive, she finds Duela, slices off her face with her permission and masquerades as her before she captures Cartwright.

Meanwhile security guys find Duela without her face which mirrors her appearance in the comics where she had a disfigured face.

Duela Dent Is Not The First Relative To Appear In Batwoman

It might only be the first season, but Batwoman has proven you don’t need to famous characters to be awesome! Let’s examine some of the other connections to more famous characters the show has established.

Julia Pennyworth

The second most noticable character to appear was Julia Pennyworth, the daughter of Bruce’s faithful butler, Alfred. Kate had a brief romance with her after she broke up with Sophie.

Luke Fox

Kate’s best and only friend is Luke Fox, son of Bruce’s longtime friend, Lucius Fox. Luke serves as Kate’s version of Lucius and can talk to him about just about anything. Also, he also serves as a go-between for her and Mary.

Mary Hamilton

To a lot of people who have read the Batwoman comics, Mary seems like an original character, right? Wrong, actually. She was created from Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Kane who was Kate’s cousin, not her step-sister in the comics. Nicole Kang brings Mary to life in the most spectacular of ways.

What’s Next?

It’s unknown who will pop up next, but we’re excited to see what comes next. If we had to pick a character to pop up, we’d probably Mar’i Grayson, daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire. Though, it would be nice to see Jim Gordon Jr or even Barbara show up.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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