James Charles Has Been Demontised On YouTube And It’s Not Really Surprising


James Charles will never learn. He has been demontised on YouTube after being caught sexting underaged boys…

You don’t get as idiotic and as dense as James Charles. The 21-year-old BeautyTuber has gotten his YouTube account demontised after he was called out for sexting underaged boys, as per Pedestrian. The top tier YouTuber, who has a mass following of over 25 million subscribers is openly gay and has made the same mistake multiple times. It doesn’t matter how many times he apologises, he will never learn from his mistakes.

YouTube was kind in only having his account demontised. They could have suspended him altogether but they didn’t because he is one of their top creators. What’s more is that James Charles never seems to take full accountability for his actions. Sure, he keeps saying he “fucked up” but he fails to see the bigger problem here. He is using predatory behaviour and using his ‘star status’ to get what he wants.

Now, we don’t follow the YouTube Beauty community or its constant drama though if it’s something really serious then we’ll voice our opinion. However, these big creators needs to stop with the constant bullshit. We get that a lot of the creators are sexual predators who will never hold themselves accountable for anything. Moreover, James Charles is no different to Jeffree Starr and Shane Dawson. They all need to get their heads out of their asses and show people they are decent people.

Finally, why people jump in to defend people like James Charles just boggles the mind. Any creator on YouTube or any platform shouldn’t just be demontised, they should be suspended. It shouldn’t matter if they are profitable. They committed a crime against any person child or adult, woman or man. If anything people should be boycotting them, not giving them a platform.

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