The Hits Keep On Coming From The Oprah Interview As The Debunking Continues…

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The outside world has continued debunking the lies told in the Oprah interview and oh, boy! It’s getting good!

Debunking is still underway almost a week after the Oprah Winfrey interview with Harry and Meghan went to air across the world. In the latest efforts to uncover the truth, it has been bought up that what the Duke of Sussex said about not riding bikes with his family is a massive lie! After a quick Google search, everyone has come up with these two little beauties:

See the little boy in both photos who is in closest proximity to Prince Charles? Yep, it’s Harry. So, what he said about not getting to ride bicycles as a child is the greatest debunking to date! How could he simply forget about this moment when it’s all over the internet? Oh, right! He doesn’t look himself up online when it’s been stated long before the interview that he looks up social media comments about himself.

In other news, some of Meghan’s so-called friends have suddenly come out of the woodwork to defend her and report that there is evidence in the form of emails and texts of what she said in the interview as being true. Umm… they do realise that when she filed the lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday she had to hand over emails and texts to the court and said she couldn’t because they were deleted after thirty days, don’t they? This is mentioned by 9Honey.

Now, Gayle King, who happens to have attended Meghan’s New York Baby Shower when she was pregnant with Archie is a total hypocrite to believe Markle’s claim that her passport was taken away from her. No royal can travel without one and this has been mentioned by several outlets including The only person who can is the Queen herself because is the one issuing them.

The International Holidays

It has been stated that the Duchess of Sussex went on 13 international holidays during the two years she was a working royal, according to Page Six. Debunking these were easy for the public as well, especially royal watchers who have been following the coverage. Let’s not forget the Australian tour which just so happens to be in another part of the world. Meghan would’ve needed her passport to travel to Oz, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji.

To top it off, it’s not really surprising that people like Jessica Mulroney, Serena Williams, and Elton John haven’t come forward about this but Gayle King, Patrick J Adams, and Janina Gavankar have. They never came out before, so why now? Is it because Meghan told them in a flood of tears to do it? We will probably never know the actual truth and not the version that has been sprouting by a woke couple who think they’re relevant.

The Double Standards

Without a doubt, there is a load of double standards with Meghan and Harry. They claim not to want the press hounding them. However, they turn around and do the complete opposite. They court the media when they feel they deserve to speak their truth. Not we did not say the truth. There is a massive difference between the two.

The truth is what actually happened back with proof to back up what is being said. Their truth is what their followers take as gospel and hate it when non-believers criticise, question or bring up actual facts to prove that their idol’s ideal to be wrong.

There is going to be a war of the royals and Harry and Meghan will not win. There is too much evidence against them.

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