Dear Privileged White Men, Keep Your Opinions About Meghan To Yourselves!

white men

Dear white men who think people will listen to their BS,

Your opinions about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex are unwarranted and unnecessary. For those reading this who’re wondering this pointless drivel of a rant is aimed at, we’ll tell you. Ever heard of three guys named Thomas Markle Senior, Piers Morgan, and Jeremy Clarkson? Yeah, three white men who have no right to insert their opinions into an already complicated mess.

white men
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What started this whole mess was Thomas Markle’s two older children, Tom Jr and Samantha sticking their jealous noses into something they aren’t part of. The now-Duchess’s half-siblings comes across as horrible people who envy their little sister because of her success. Sure, Meghan didn’t make it to the A-list by any means, but she was one of the most famous legal dramas in recent living memory.

We’re not vouching for Meghan at all. Yes, we think she’s pulling the strings and forcing Harry to choose between his family and her. However, we don’t want harm to come to her. It’s people like Markle Snr, Morgan and Clarkson who should take a closer look at yourselves.

Mister Markle, you’re an Emmy winning lighting director who is now bankrupt and living in Mexico with a dodgy heart. What gives you the right to say your daughter is being selfish? When she was acting, Meghan doted on you and mentioned you on her blog all the time. Now, you’re saying she owes you?

You’re her FATHER! A parent shouldn’t expect their child to pay them back. If you’re looking for someone to blame for your misfortune, take it out on your other daughter! She’s the reason you and Meghan aren’t speaking. Samantha convinced you to fake paparazzi shots so you could get sympathy. The whole thing backfired on you and look what’s happened.

It’s diabolical…

That someone in your position Thomas would give your eldest daughter an even bigger platform to throw around her hate for her sister. Sure, siblings don’t always get along, but this isn’t rivalry. It’s jealousy and bitterness that Samantha is displaying. She wanted to act, but failed and when Meghan succeeded in the same career, her resentment came out as an ugly mess.

Also, if you loved your youngest child the way you say you do, then why in hell’s name did you allow Samantha to go on her tirade. A parent’s primary goal is to protect their children, not allow bullies to get the better of them. You should have protected Meghan from her own sister.

Do you not realise what a terrible Samantha, or should we say Yvonne, is? Her own mother and children want nothing to do with her. It is also no wonder your grandsons Thomas and Tyler refuse to the Markle name because they’re ashamed to be associated to an abusive father (your son) and a selfish and arrogant aunt.

You’re not capable of being a parent and neither are your two eldest children. If you want a relationship with your newest grandchild before you drop off the perch, try looking at yourself in the mirror and see how your deception has affected Meghan’s mental state.

Also, what kind of father sends a private letter to a tabloid for publication? Thomas freaking Markle, that’s who!

Moving Onto Piers Morgan…

white men
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What a disgusting human being! Television host Piers Morgan has to be one of Meghan’s biggest critics. He had no business getting involved with the Duchess’s face, but he did and not for the reason you’d think. Unlike Thomas, Piers is definition of white man privilege. He criticises Meghan because she ghosted him when she started dating Prince Harry.

He believes that they were going to be besties and thought the relationship was going to be great. However, it’s clear Meghan only saw him as an acquaintance and not a friend. Since then, he’s gone after her on national television and is willing to back the duchess’s trash of a family over a woman who simply wants to be left alone.

It’s people like Mister Morgan that have caused Harry and his wife to step away from the royal family. Every day their names are in the paper or the gossip trash magazines or reasons that are simply untrue. Going after someone on national TV is as a low as they come. No wonder Morgan’s first wife divorced him.

A journalist is meant to be impartial and not issue their personal opinion to the public. However they feel when they’re in their own living room is their right, not on national television.

Finally, Jeremy Clarkson…

[Credit: Deadline]

Now, we didn’t know disgraced television host was a critic of Meghan’s until a couple of days ago. It was this news that prompted us to write this letter.

The television host, best known for his time as a host of Top Gear has come out swinging at the Duchess of Sussex, saying ‘she needs to get a grip and needs to stop crying’. Typical white men behaviour. First off, Clarkson has never had anything to say about the royal family until now. Perhaps he’s so desperate for cash that he thought if he said something horrible about a woman who is already being hounded by the media was his way to make some dough. Honestly, this one of the most appalling things any journalist can do. He’s no better than Piers Morgan.

Also, the 180 turn Clarkson has done was surprising as apparently, he has defended Meghan and Harry before. Seriously, the guy needs to pick a side.

Are These White Men Sexist And Racist?

We don’t think Thomas is, but Morgan and Clarkson, definitely are. Morgan has got three sons and a daughter. Clarkson has two daughters and a son. We also need to ask if two of these men are also racist. Top answer is yes or at least, Clarkson is he’s been sued for racial discrimination.

Meghan cannot help who she was born to. She didn’t choose to have two older vile half-siblings. She didn’t expect her father to turn on her in favor of her sister. These attacks would be damaging to anyone’s mental health especially one who has a young child and little to no support. So, please stop!


A concerned citizen of the Commonwealth

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