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#DeadUploadDay: YouTube Creators Go On Strike Over COPPA


For YouTube creators, having ads and being paid for their time is vital for the success of their channels. However, what isn’t right, is that likes and comments will disabled on content aimed at children. #DeadUploadDay

YouTube committed a wrong! They’re punishing their kid-based creators for something the company itself did! We even wrote a letter to YouTube about it! As the time for the changes approaches, creators are sick and tried, of their communities being put under strain. That’s where #DeadUploadDay comes in.

Many YouTubers get paid to create videos, including kid-friendly creators. However, if new rules come into affect, most of those will see a decrease in income and they will no longer have access to the community tab, likes and comments. Personalised ads will also be eliminated and given to only those who do not have kid-friendly content.

Many creators are outraged by this and want it stopped. Several petitions have been put up on website Change in the form of: Reconsider the new rules regarding children/family videos on YouTube and SAVE Family-Friendly Content on YouTube.

The new guidelines are vague in what is kid-friendly and what isn’t. #DeadUploadDay mightn’t be trending, but we’re going to be joining the fight for stop COPPA from ruining the platform. If you want in to the protest, on November 26, don’t use YouTube at any point. Don’t upload or watch videos. If we can get views to plummet  just enough, maybe we can get Youtube to change their minds.

We know there’s tiny chance of 0000000.1% this will work but YouTube needs to wake up to itself. They’re punishing creative users because of they themselves [YouTube] have done. The creators doing the RIGHT thing are the ones being punished when it should be those who are in the wrong who should be punished. It’s not fair, it should thought out properly. Therefore, if Youtube want to lose millions of users, enforcing these rules is the perfect way to go about it.

What do you think of the COPPA regulations? Are you going to participate in the protest? If so, be sure to share your signatures on the petitions mentioned above. Be sure to also use the hashtag #DeadUploadDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show your support.

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