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Star Wars: Why Were Most The Characters Who Were Killed During A New Hope Never Mentioned In Later Movies?


Dead characters in Star Wars has never been anything new. However, why were many of them never mentioned again?

They say death is a natural part of life. The fictional world of Star Wars is the same. However, unlike reality, people can kinda come back. The Force is either a good thing or something really bad. You be the judge. Anyway, onto the reason why we’re here. If you’ve been around the galaxy far, far away for a while, you might’ve noticed that something odd with the original trilogy. It’s got to do with those who are dead.

When a character dies, they don’t get mentioned again. Being dead is… final? We thought we would point out the characters who were not referenced after their deaths.

Owen And Beru Lars

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The deaths of Owen and Beru Lars, Luke (and Leia)’s uncle and aunt weren’t exactly unexpected. In order for their nephew to follow in his father Anakin’s footsteps to become a Jedi, he needed to leave the comfort of the homestead. While this was achieved, it only came when the young Skywalker returned to find the bodies of his relatives dead and reduced to skeletons after they were executed by Stormtroopers.

Outside of the sole mention from Luke in Return of the Jedi that he used to live on Tatooine, there was no other reference to Owen and Beru in the original trilogy and we need to question why this might have been.

Owen and Beru served their purpose in the story. They raised Luke to adulthood and after that, he needed to look after himself. Having them be killed off early on was the right move to make. Making a reference to them, even if it is just a small mention indirectly, would push the story back, rather than take it forward.

The mention Luke makes is fine as it allows him to draw back as to how he got to where he is in his life at that point in time.

Tarkin & Yularen

Wilhuff Tarkin is one of those characters who we come to develop a deep love-hate relatonship with. Sure, he’s an ass to Leia and actually enjoys watching Alderaan be blown to smithereens, but he’s just as much a whipping boy to the Emperor as Vader is.

However, unlike Vader, Tarkin only had a short amount of screen time as he died onboard the first Death Star.

Now, we’ve placed Colonel Yularen with Tarkin because he only appears in one scene and doesn’t speak. We learn during The Clone Wars that both men served during the titular conflict and worked with Darth Vader when he was known as Anakin Skywalker.

Now, we need to question why these two weren’t mentioned after the first Death Star got blown up. Well, it’s kinda obvious they weren’t. Their role was to deal with the Imperials that were working on the DS-1. Also, no one was going to miss them.

The VERY Dead Jek Porkins & Biggs Darklighter

Jek Porkins and Biggs Darklighter served during the Battle of Yavin with Luke only to lose their lives in the process. But, question is why weren’t they mentioned after they died?

Porkins we can understand given he was just another face in the crowd, but Biggs is another question all together. After all, he was Luke’s best friend on Tatooine.

Perhaps Luke didn’t want to destroy the legacy of his old friend. Maybe he thought that maybe not mentioning him would be best.

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