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WandaVision: Things Take A Darker Turn As Wanda And “Pietro” Bond And Vision Comes Closer To The Truth


Wanda’s ideal life in Westview has gone dark as Hayward wants her dead and Vision comes closer to the truth…

A dark tide is coming as Hayward wages war on Wanda while her marriage to Vision continues to fracture as he starts to notice that things aren’t adding up. Meanwhile, Monica, Woo, and Darcy are forced to strike out on their own while “Pietro” bonds with his sister and nephews.

With the episode set in the 90s, we get the Halloween costumes styled for that period. What’s fun about this is that the Maximoff family dress like their comic book counterparts.

One of the most entertaining factors of the episode is how “Pietro” is described as a man-child, though he is great with Tommy and Billy. What stood out was how the ‘recast’ trope is made obvious to Wanda. She questions her brother about why he doesn’t have his accent and why he does’t look the same as she remembers.

What surprised us in regards to “Pietro” is how he remembers his own death. If this is the real him – just with a different face – how did he know Wanda needed him as he is dead?

Hayward Begins Picking A Fight

Speaking of dark situations, Hayward starts picking a fight with Monica given her experiences with super-powered individuals, which includes her godmother, Carol Danvers. He even throws the death of her mother, Maria in her face.

Woo and Darcy are quick to call their boss out on his bullshit and they, along with Monica are sidelined. This prompts the three of them to strike out on their own.

Not-So-Random Pop Culture References

There were a number of pop culture references in the episode that may mean nothing or something much bigger. The first is one that superhero fans might get. The term ‘Kick Ass’ is thrown around by the twins and “Pietro” early on.

This is a nod to original “Pietro” actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson who played Kick Ass in the Kick Ass movies. Also, Evan Peters who plays the ‘recast’ Pietro/Peter Maximoff from the X-Men movies was in the the first Kick-Ass film with Taylor-Johnson.

The Parent Trap and The Incredibles were referenced as being played at the Westview cinema. The superhero film of the two is misplaced because it came out in 2004 and not in the 90s.

Wanda Goes Dark!

With Wanda and Vision separated for most of the episode, we see the Scarlet Witch go dark towards the end when “Pietro” mentions his brother-in-law’s first death and how it’s not like he can die again. We don’t see what happens to him after this.

What’s more is it gets dark on the outside of the Hex when Vision exits and is pulled apart while S.W.O.R.D. agents under Hayward’s orders stand there and watch. Also, Darcy is arrested when she attempts to help him. When Billy starts to feel that his father is in trouble he rushes to tell his mother.

Wanda uses her powers and takes out S.W.O.R.D.’s camp by integrating it into Westview and making it bigger than it was before while leaving the fates of the agents, Monica, Woo, and Darcy unknown.

Vision’s Step Closer

This episode sees Vision’s relationship with Wanda continuing to fracture from what we saw last week. He goes in search of answers that his wife isn’t going to give him and almost dies (again) as a result. He sees frozen people in the street just standing still or repeating their actions.

Vision then finds Agnes sitting in her car. He restores her memories and she recognises him as being an Avenger. She asks if he’s come to save the town from Wanda. However, that’s not what confuses the android. It’s her question of whether she’s dead. When he says no, he then asks why she would ask this. He’s taken aback by her response: “Because you are.” She then starts cackling like an old witch.

His conversation with Agnes is what pushes Vision to try and leave the Hex. He is only saved when Billy alerts Wanda to his father’s pain and she pushes the barrier further out in order to save her husband.

The Twins Have Their Powers

One of the biggest things in the episode is that Tommy and Billy have their powers. The eldest of the twins is hinted to have super speed at the beginning of the episode. Meanwhile, his brother is seen using his when Vision walks outside the barrier containing Westview.

Tommy, in the comics, is Speed, having the same abilities as his Uncle Pietro. Billy, meanwhile, is Wiccan, having powers like Wanda’s. However, it appears in the MCU that the youngest of the twins has slightly differing gifts.

It is uncertain whether Billy has his full powers as it appears Tommy does. The younger of the boys can hear things in his mind. He has telepathy as well as telekinesis.

“Pietro” Reveals To Wanda He Knows What She’s Up To And Is Monica Getting Powers?

We still don’t know the full story behind, the Evan Peters “Pietro”. However, we see Wanda open up to him. Now, we’re not sure if this is a good thing or not. Wanting to be the good big brother, he encourages his sister to open up to him. They even share memories of their childhood. But things take a dark turn when Wanda suddenly sees her brother’s body riddled with bullet holes, similar to how she saw Vision’s Mind Stone-less corpse a few episodes earlier.

Earlier in the episode, Darcy reveals to Monica that the two times she has been through the Hex and back, her DNA has rewritten itself. However, this doesn’t deter her. Like godmother, like goddaughter. It’s like she’s not fazed by this news. Sure, her expression drops but there’s more to it. Could she become Photon or Spectrum? We’re just going to have to wait and see. Whether this happens in WandaVision or Captain Marvel 2 is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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