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MCU RUMOUR: Could Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock Show Up In Spider-Man 3?


Could Matt Murdock’s Daredevil Be About To Show Up In The Next Spider-Man Movie?

Could Peter Parker (Tom Holland)’s legal representation in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel be someone that’s appeared in the Netflix Marvel shows? If the recent rumour that Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Matt Murdock/Daredevil is any indication comes, then yeah, it will be sometime to watch.

How Will Daredevil Fit In To The Narrative? Will It Have Anything To Do With She-Hulk?

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From what we know already, Peter is now a wanted criminal as he was framed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his team for murder. We find this out in the Far From Home mid-credit scene where everyone in New York, including MJ (Zendaya) find out at the same time through the Daily Bugle broadcast.

Now, we need to look at where Daredevil will fit into the narrative of the story.

Daredevil had his own series on Netflix alongside Punisher, Iron Fist, The Defenders, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. However, despite several references in each series to MCU events and characters, it’s unclear if the darker material is official Marvel Cinematic Universe related.

If Murdock does represent Parker as his lawyer, this would at least link the Daredevil series to the MCU. If there are direct references to the other Defenders or events from those other shows, then it would link to the cinematic side of the franchise.

However, there is another option they could use. She-Hulk, the cousin of Bruce Banner/The Hulk is getting her own series on Disney+. The character has not yet been cast, but know her origin will be similar to her comic counterpart.

Marvel Studios is pretty smart when it comes to introducing new characters. Despite having closed down Marvel Television, they can still use the properties that have already appeared in a different medium. It might be better to use Daredevil instead of She-Hulk as Peter’s lawyer because he’s already been introduced to some audiences.

She-Hulk As The Other Option

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As mentioned before, another possibility is She-Hulk or Jennifer Walters being Peter’s legal representation. However, given her own show is on the way, it would be a better choice to go with Matt Murdock.

According to Charlie from Emergency Awesome on YouTube’s most recent Spider-Man video, Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios is a massive Daredevil fan. He even grew up with the Frank Miller comics on the character. He even said great things about the television series.

We also need to add that with Jennifer, her one current link to the MCU is her cousin, Bruce. However, Matt has zero ties to the franchise. Charlie also pointed out that in the Netflix shows, there were very subtle references to MCU events such as the Battle of New York being called ‘the incident’.

Three Year Cooling Off Period

Charlie also made the made the point that there is a cooling off period for the characters that in the Netflix shows of three years. This means that Marvel Studios won’t be able to use the characters until the three years are up. The cooling off was a term in the contacts of the Netflix shows. It explained that if they were cancelled, the characters wouldn’t be used in another project until a set time had past.

The Netflix shows were cancelled 2018. Spider-Man 3 doesn’t come out until 2021. While three years will have passed, Marvel Studios won’t have access to Daredevil until that year. Basically, you need access to the character to be able to use it.

Where Did This Rumour Originate?

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Before we end this article, we need to discuss where this rumour came from. Kevin Smith mentioned on the Fat Man Beyond podcast that he heard Daredevil is rumoured to appear in the film. This means someone will have seen a draft of the Spider-Man 3 script. Screenplays change all the time even during filming.

Now, what does this mean? They may choose to use a draft of the script with Daredevil or at least, Matt Murdock and end up filming scenes with him. However, that doesn’t mean that he’ll appear in the final version of the film. One example of this was Captain Marvel. Before Brie Larson was considered, a body double was used in an alternate ending of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Kevin Feige told Joss Whedon to cut the ending as people were just going to wonder why Captain Marvel wasn’t around for the final fight.

Another example is the casting of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The scenes were filmed but deleted during editing. This can happen to any film, and the next Tom Holland Spider-Man film is no exception.

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