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WandaVision: 5 Favourite Aspects Of Darcy Lewis

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Remember Darcy Lewis, one Thor’s early human friends? Well, she’s back in the MCU during WandaVision…

Darcy Lewis was the quirky political science student who followed Erik Selvig and Jane Foster around during the first two Thor movies. During her early time in the Marvel Cinematic she was the fun one of the human trio who helped the Asgardian prince find himself amongst humans.

However, since Thor: The Dark World, Darcy, Jane, and Erik have been noticeably absent. Well, the upcoming WandaVision is going to fill in some of those blanks for Lewis and what she’s been up since The Dark World.

So, since we love Darcy so much, we thought we’d go over five aspects of the character we adore.

1. States The Obvious

One our favourite things about Darcy is how she always states the obvious. In the first Thor movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. confiscates all of Jane, Erik, and Darcy’s equipment and research.

After complaining about losing her iPod, Erik states that he’s going to email a colleague for help in regards of what to do about S.H.I.E.L.D. Darcy counters this and says they took his laptop too.

2. Loves To Taser Thor

A running gag in the first Thor is Darcy’s love of using her taser. Thor gets tasered so many times that we had to add that little nugget of an aspect. We have to wonder if she’s given the weapon in the intervening years.

3. Ability To Spot Inconsistencies

Despite having a background in political science, Darcy had some knowledge of other sciences well outside of her area of expertise. This allowed her to see inconsistencies that Jane and Erik, fully-trained scientists in their respective fields didn’t spot.

4. Sense of Humour

One of the stand out aspects of Darcy is her sense of humour. She had a habit of making a dire situation humourous when it wasn’t meant to be. An example of this occurred when Odin banished Thor to Earth and the exiled prince and as Jane is driving the car away, Darcy screams that she’s not dying for six college credits.

5. Great At Being A Good Friend

There’s doubting how close Darcy is to Jane and Erik. Despite not being a scientist like them, she understands what they’re talking about.

However, when Jane struggles to accept that Thor might not be coming back, Darcy does her best to comfort her. This makes her a good friend.

See more of Darcy in WandaVision when it begins on Disney+ on Friday.

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