The Paparazzi Game Harry And Meghan Seem To Be Playing

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Harry and Meghan seem to be playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the paparazzi…

The Sussexes appear to be playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the paparazzi. So much for wanting privacy. They’ve pulled several stunts during their time in the US that makes us think they want us to believe one thing when it is the total opposite of what they actually want.

We’ve seen various articles where paparazzi shots are used to discuss what the couple has been doing. This makes us scream ‘dangerous game’ from the roof of our Suzuki Alto. So, let’s take a look at some of the paparazzi shots we’ve found and see if we can find a pattern.

Invictus Games/Yoga

dangerous game
[Credit: Vanity Fair]

So, these photos were taken at two different times. The first is Meghan with a yoga mat either coming or going from a class. Now, we’re not sure when it was taken but if we had to guess, it would’ve been when she was still on Suits or when the relationship became public. The media had no interest in her before she became involved with Harry. Her agents set up paparazzi shoots for her to give her more coverage in the press but no one really cared for an actress who appeared in a show very few people watched.

The second photo was taken as part of the press for the Invictus Games when Harry and Meghan were dating and presumably engaged if Finding Freedom is any indication. Now, we don’t think this would have been set up.

Fake Coverage

compulsive liar; dangerous game
[Credit: Daily Mail]

Speaking of Meghan’s agent faking media coverage for her, there are these beauties above. Ignore the middle photo. The ones outside are in London outside a restaurant the year before she met Prince Harry, according to

These images were set up by Meghan’s agent to get her more publicity. However, this didn’t end up working as people still didn’t know or care who she was until she got with Harry.

Walk With Infant Archie

[Credit: Pinterest]

This next photo is actually part of a larger one that was posted in one of the newspapers. Meghan sued (in Archie’s name), according to the New York Times. However, what a lot of people miss is how she is quite literally looking and smiling at the camera. She knows the camera is there. Also, she knows how to sniff out a lens. The only thing that doesn’t make a lot of sense is why she sets up the shots (it’s obvious this is that happened) and then sues the paparazzi for taking the photos, to begin with. It’s not like you can see the child’s face.

The photo was obviously set up because who the hell smiles at the camera if they don’t know they’re being photographed? She clearly knew the lens was there. Perhaps, there was a deal between her and the paps where they take the photos, and then she sues them? Just a theory.

Nightclub Date

[Credit: The Sun]

Our second last example is this photo. How the hell did the paparazzi know where Harry and Meghan were when this was taken? It’s one of the first shots taken by the paps of them together and the Prince looks either heavily intoxicated or stoned.

You don’t normally get paparazzi shots of royals and their partners out and about, no matter who they are. We think Meghan had the paps there to introduce herself to the world as Prince Harry’s girl. Talk about one HELL of a dangerous game.

The Inskip Wedding

disney princess
[Credit: ABC News]

Finally, our last photo is this one. It was taken at Tom Inskip’s wedding where Meghan apparently just showed up and everyone ignored her. Here you can see her clinging to Harry like she’s trying to get him to listen to her. This is one of a number of paparazzi shots taken from the event. This also begs the question of why there were paps there, to begin with? Now, we don’t know what the story is here but word on the street is she and the prince had broken up and she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Tom Inskip isn’t a well-known figure and the only high-profile person there would’ve been there is Harry as he was Skippy’s best friend. If we had to guess, Meghan called the paparazzi and feigned innocence because there is one shot where she’s looking at the camera with a pout as the prince talks to someone else.

dangerous game
[Credit: Pinterest]

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