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Dancing With The Stars: Who Will Take Out The Mirror Ball Trophy In The Grand Final? – Week 10

It’s sad to say this is the last post I’ll be doing for Dancing with the Stars AU for a while. There’s no news at the moment whether Dancing with the Stars will return yet, but hopefully we’ll get news on that front soon. Anyway, onto the post. We’re at the home stretch as Courtney, Sam, and Constance dance it out for the honour of being crowned ballroom champions and that mirror ball trophy.

So, who will win? Let’s find out!

1.  Courtney and Joshua

Courtney’s encore dance is the Quickstep. As always, she’s flawless. She’s amazing! Sharna said she freaking loved it! Craig said it was like watching Barbie on speed… in a good way! Tristan said it was finale worthy performance.

Courtney’s score is: 29

Courtney’s freestyle was so much fun as it showed her drastic fun side. Craig said it was fabulous. Tristan said it was creative. Sharna said she loved the creativity.

Courtney’s final score is: 30

2. Constance and Gustavo

Constance’s encore dance is the Quickstep. She flew across and loved every second as the dance was her favourite. Craig said there was gapping but loved it overrall. Tristan said she moved with more confidence and loved it. Sharna said it was executed so much better.

Constance’s score is: 23

Constance’s final dance is her freestyle. She went out thee and gave it her all. Sharna said it was the perfect freestyle for Con’s final dance. Craig there were a load of power moments. Tristan said she was in the spotlight the whole time.

Constance’s final score is: 24

3. Samuel and Jorja

Samuel’s encore dance is his Jazz routine. Again, Sam’s performance was so emotional and fun to watch. Fingers crossed for straight 10s. Tristan said Sam looks so much confident. Sharna said it was amazing the first time and said he stepped it up. Craig said it was touching and he hadn’t be touched in months and the storytelling was first class.

Sam’s score is: 29

Sam’s freestyle dance is so sparkly! He was like Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman. Tristan said the performance was a showstopper. Sharna said it was everything. Craig said he couldn’t stop smiling.

Sam’s final score is: 29

The Mirror Ball Trophy Goes To…

Third place is: Constance and Gustavo

Second place is: Courtney and Josh

The Winners are: Sam and Jorja

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