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Dancing With The Stars: Who Got Saved With Immunity? – Week 6

Last week’s Dancing with the Stars might’ve been fun, but the loss of Olympia Valance came as a shock to all. However, this week the couple on top got immunity which means they were safe from elimination.  Then came the dance off that changed everything. Also, this week Grant is unable to host the show because he slipped a disc in his back so Amanda had eliminated contestant Denise Scott as her co-host.

1. Michelle and Aric

Michelle’s dance this week is Quickstep. The dance looks like fun! And it looks very fluent in the movement. Sharna loved the performance. She said Michelle was living her best life. Craig criticised everything, especially the footwork. Tristan applauded every element of the performance.

Michelle’s score is: 22

2. Jett and Lily

Foxtrot is Jett’s next dance. They even went to Morgan, Jett’s sister for advice. Jett’s footwork looked a little clumpy against Lily’s gentleness. Craig criticised that the dance was tango than foxtrot. Tristan disagreed with Craig with everything which resulted in an almost argument between the two judges. Sharna appreciated everything Jett and Lily did with the dance.

Jett’s score is: 17

3. Jimmy and Alex

Jimmy’s dance this week is Foxtrot. Jimmy’s had less time to rehearse this week and it shows a little bu he’s fighting the fatigue and soldiering through it. Tristan loved Jimmy’s frame but criticised the eyeline. Sharna agreed with Tristan about the eyeline. Craig said the dance looked jagged and rushed.

Jimmy’s score is: 22

4. Curtly and Siobhan

Curtly’s Jive this week gives him the chance to have a bit of freedom. Because of Curtly’s large frame, it’s hard for him to move his feet and his body fast enough. However, he gave it his all. Sharna said it was a difficult dance for him and that it was flat-footed.  Craig said it was very light, but it wasn’t great. Tristan said Curtly had worked on his hip work and that he has rhythm in his upper half but not the bottom.

Curtly’s score is: 9 

5. Constance and Gustavo

Constance is dancing the Jive. Con is really embracing the dance as she feels like she’s in control of her character’s destiny however it is a little slow when the dance is supposed to be fast. Craig said the leg was supposed to be to tease and her footwork was a little flat. Tristan loved the lifts but said it looked slow and laboured. Sharna said she loved that Constance was showing that women ae done with the slut-shaming.

Constance’s score is: 15

6. Samuel and Jorja

Sam’s dance is Jazz and he’s struggling to handle all the dances he needs to do. He looked like he was having a lot of fun with the dance as it told a personal story. Tristan was impressed by the performance and thought it was perfect. Sharna said Sam was back with the number and said his commitment to the dance was raw and everyone felt it. Craig didn’t love it at first, but he grow to like it and said he did very well.

Samuel’s score is: 26

7. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney’s dance this week is contemporary. As always, Courtney crushed it and got a stnding ovation. Sharna said she was speakless and the storytelling was so raw. Craig said he loved it as he saw Shane and not Courtney dancing.  Tristan loved every second of it.

Courtney’s score is: 28

Dance Off Time!

Sam and Jorja chose to go up against Jett and Lily in Jive. Jimmy and Alex are going up against Curtly and Siobhan with the Samba while Michelle and Aric are going up against Constance and Gustavo with the Cha Cha. Courtney and Josh were safe from the dance off because they score the highest.

Jett and Lily won the 3 points

Jimmy and Alex won the 3 points

Michelle and Aric won the 3 points

Who Got Eliminated?

Curtly and Siobhan and Michelle and Aric were the bottom two this week. It was Michelle and Aric who got dumped and my mother was pleased. Next week, special guest and US Dancing with the Stars Winner of Season 21 Bindi Irwin will serve as a guest judge.

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