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Dancing With The Stars: When The Judges Play A Part – Week 7

It’s the week that the judges play god and with everything on the line, the celebrities had better watch out!  With Grant back in hospital, Scott Tweedy takes on the role of co-host this week. Meanwhile, Bindi Irwin is a guest judge after winning the US Dancing with the Stars at 17. It’s hard to believe she’s 20 now! Her dad would be so proud!

1. Jimmy and Alex

Jimmy’s dance this week is the Paso Doble. The dance is incredible! So fluent and passionate. Sharna was impressed that he was able to change his bad habit of looking down. Though, she siad that the lifts were sloppy. Bindi said it was incredible and noted the stumbles and commended the partnership. Tristan said it was a hit-and-miss for him and made note of the stumble and the relationship with the floor. Craig said it was mess but the attack.

Jimmy’s score is: 25

2. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney’s dance is the Viennese Waltz. Shane said the pressure is mounting and hard. Talk about fluent and breathtaking! Courtney had it in the bag! Tristan said it was fantastic though he said it was a bit shaky at the start. Bindi said it was captivating. Sharna said the dance was a massive improvement with frame. Craig said Courtney lost a body contact but liked it all the same.

Courtney’s score is: 34

3. Jett and Lily

Jett’s dance is the passionate paso doble with a bit of guy liner. Being a tall guy, Jett had a lot of fun. Craig said it looked wobbly and wasn’t great. Sharna said he’s doing very well. Bindi said she agreed with Sharna and to listen to Lily. Tristan said he was biased and agreed with Bindi and Sharna.

Jett’s score is: 26

4. Constance and Gustavo

Constance is dancing the rumba this week. Constance’s dance was a little disjointed and slow. Sharna loved the dance. Bindi said it was amazing and it was her best dance. Tristan liked it too and thought it was great. Craig it ws well-studied and was fantastic.

Constance’s score is: 28

5. Curtly and Siobhan

This week Curtly is dancing the Foxtrot and it’s test to see how high he  can lift Siobhan who’s afraid of heights. He looked like he was having the time of his life and that’s what matters. Tristan said he liked it. Craig he’s finally seeing improveent. Sharna said she too saw improvement and said it was his best. Bindi she couldn’t believe how relaxed Curtly looked.

Curtly’s score is: 19

6. Samuel and Jorja

The Viennese Waltz is Sam’s dance this week. OMFG! It’s glorious and beautiful! Sharna loved it and applauded the frame. Craig said his butt was sitting out too much and it was flat footed. Tristan said Sam takes the critiques. Bindi said it was beautiful and loved the friendship between Sam and Jorja.

Samuel’s score is: 29

Judges and their Group Dances

Craig is the first one up and he’s got Courtney and Josh and Jimmy and Alex. He chose a reprise from Annie. It was terrifying to watch Craig in drag.

Sharna said it was fun to see another side of Craig. Bindi the group lifted each other. Tristan wasn’t sure why he liked but it did.

Group 1 got 28

Tristan’s group was up next and he teamed with Curtly and Siobhan and Jett and Lily. The dance was a paso doble-tango combo. OMG! Tristan was the Emperor! Craig loved it! Sharna applauded everything! Bindi was captivated by the technique to an AC/DC song!

Group 2 got 25

Sharna’s group was last and teamed with Constance and Gustavo and Sam and Jorja. It’s so awesome to watch! Sharna’s tough and she wants her team to succeed. Tristan said they were on fire! Craig said it was clean and said it was fantastic. Bindi said she loved it!

Group 3 got 28

Who Got Eliminated In The Dance Off?

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