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Dancing With The Stars: The Pro Dancers Are Back – Week 8

This week’s Dancing with the Stars was still without Grant, but Denise Scott returned to co-host with Amanda. Also, this week saw the absence of Jimmy Rees who withdrew from the competition due to one of his sons being admitted to hospital.

We also saw the return of the eliminated pro dancers.

1. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney’s dance this week is Jazz and the song is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Courtney looks like she’s having an absolute ball doing the dance despite the injuries. Sharna loved it. Craig picked the routine and said a lot of the dance wasn’t fluent enough. Tristan said it had power and wanted to see more subtle moves.

Courtney’s score is: 26

2. Jett and Lily

Jett’s dance this week is Quickstep. I don’t think its his dance. It looked a little flat. Craig didn’t like it and said there was no movement. Tristan said there were load of positives and siad there was room for improvements. Sharna said she understood how Jett was feeling by limited time he had this week. She said the dance wasn’t enough and not their best.

Jett’s score is: 16

3. Samuel and Jorja

Sam is dancing the Quickstep this week. Sam’s dance looks terrific and he’s got more speed than Jett had in his. He looks like he’s having so much fun. Craig loved it which is rare thing for him. Sharna said she agreed with Craig. Tristan said he agreed with the others.

Sam’s score is: 26

4. Constance and Gustavo

Constance’s dance is the Viennese Waltz. Constance’s dance is so beautiful and fluent. She has really improved since week one. Craig said she needed more expression but said she danced brillantly. Tristan said she looked beautiful but said her footwork needed work. Sharna said they’re ramping up at the right time.

Constance’s score is: 21

Trio Dances

After the single dances, we had the trio dances where the couples become trios with the eliminated pro dancers.

Trio 1: Courtney, Josh, and Jarryd

The first trio danced the paso doble and it’s a scary thought. Shane’s words. Not ours. Holy cow! It’s so cool! Jarryd and Josh did an amazing job! Sharna thought it was incredible. Craig said he loved it. Tristan said it was powerful and dramatic.

Courtney’s score is: 28

Trio 2: Samuel, Jorja and Megan

The second trio also has paso doble. Again, holy cow! Sam’s nailing it. The routine looked like something out of Mad Max cross with Tarzan. Craig said the arms were too wild though he he adored some of it and that included the storytelling. Tristan said it was fantastic and intense. Sharna said she loves it when acting and dance come together.

Sam’s score is: 24

Trio 3: Constance, Gustavo and Marco

Constance had a ball dancing tango with her ’two Italian Stallions’. Tristan said it was perfect. Sharna said it was Con’s best dance and yet the most difficult. Craig said it lacked depth. Sharna defended Con to Craig saying with the flip at the end, most people would’ve ended up on their faces, but Connie didn’t.

Constance’s score is: 22

Trio 4: Jett, Lily and Siobhan

The final trio has Salsa and boy is Siobhan glad to be dancing with some closer to her height. Whoa! Jett was able to do a double lift! Sharna said Jett didn’t miss a beat. Craig said there was no salsa and the best part was Jett sitting on the chair. Tristan said he understood how tired Jett was and said he did a great job of looking after Lily and Siobhan.

Jett’s score is: 16

Who Got Eliminated?

Jett and Lily were the first ones called. Courtney and Josh got called out second. It turned out to be a joke because Jimmy withdrew from the competition, they didn’t want to end on a sad note so no one went home.

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