Dancing with the Stars

Dancing All-Stars: Night 6 – Semi Finale 2

Night 6

Welcome to Night 6 of Dancing All-Stars!

It’s night 6 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars and it’s also the second semi finale as well as disco night. Who will make it to the grand finale?

Manu & Katrina

Manu’s semi finale night 6 dance is Tango.

Turns softer than they should be and is Manu trying to be Jack Frost and Katrina is Tooth Fairy from Legends of the Guardians?

Todd said he danced good but didn’t get the story. We actually agree. Helen agreed with Todd. Paul said the energy was good but the acting was bad. Mark said he understood it which annoyed Todd and said it was excellent.

Manu & Katrina’s score: 29

Ada & Aric

Ada’s semi finale (night 6) dance is the Waltz.

Smooth, classy though it looked liked there was bit of a stumble. Didn’t quite catch it.

Helen said she created a move. The second lift was awkward. Paul said he felt nourished. Mark said the performance was like a painting that flowed. Todd gushed… woah!

Ada & Aric’s score is: 37

Jamie & Siobhan

Jamie’s night 6 dance is Argentine Tango.

Looks a little stiff at the start.

Paul said the dance suited him and he held his shape. Mark agreed with Paul and there was a jitter. Todd said he did it well and there was a stumble. Helen said he tried to smoulder and that he could’ve done more and it was better.

Jamie & Siobhan’s score is: 31

Renee & Jarryd

Renee’s night 6 dance is Rumba.

Sexy as hell! This is a whole knew side of Renee that we’ve never seen before.

Todd said he didn’t see enough hip action. Helen said the dance is hard and that Renee’s foot action needs to be faster. Paul said the light and shade was good.

Renee & Jarryd’s score is: 34

Luke & Jorja

Luke’s night 6 dance is the paso doble.

Wow! Just wow!

Luke’s score is: 10

Dance A Thon

Disco night!

Jamie – 6 points

Manu – 7 points

Renee – 8 points

Ada – 9 points

Luke – 10 points


Ada & Aric – safe

Luke & Jorja – safe

Dance off

Manu & Katrina – safe

Jamie & Siobhan – eliminated

Renee & Jarryd – eliminated

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