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Dancing All-Stars: Night 5 – More Stars Visit Flashback Dances

night 5

Here’s To Night 5…

It’s Night 5 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars and there’s two twists in store tonight. The first is the marathon dance off and the second is a double elimination…

Lincoln & Lily

Lincoln’s flashback for night 5 is his Jive from his season.

Linc looks like he is having so much fun and he’s nailing it! Go, dude man!

Helen said Lincoln he should have made it even faster than it was because he’s a wild child. Paul said the tongue appeared again. Mark joked he’s deducing a point for accidentally pulling some of Lily’s hair out. Todd thought it was fabulous.

Lincoln & Lily’s score is: 36

Kyly & Gustavo

Kyly’s flashback dance is her contemporary.

Fluent and beautiful. Kelsey-Lee would be so proud.

Helen said the style suited her as she was able to show emotion. Paul said she told a very intimate story. Todd said it was very well danced. Todd wants her to flow a bit more and to take out a few lifts.

Kyly & Gustavo’s score is: 38

Tom & Alex

Tom’s flashback dance is THAT Cha Cha.

Will Tom take off his shirt? No! He did not! Best not as his wife and daughters were in the audience.

Mark said it was fun though it wasn’t the same as the original. Todd said he still has it but he disagrees with Mark as it wasn’t enough Cha Cha. Helen said he gives it his all. Paul said he liked it as it kinda answered THAT question.

Tom & Alex’s score is: 28

Matty J & Ruby

Matty’s dance is Chris Hemsworth’s Samba.

Getting serious Peter Allen vibes. Offical freak out moment.

Mark said what we’ve said! Helen said Samba is very hard. Todd said there was plenty of personality.

Matty & Ruby’s score is: 31

Bec & Craig

Bec is doing for night 5 her Cha Cha.

Love the pacing and it’s actually better the original version!

Mark said she has to straighten her legs faster. Missed the rest of it.

Bec & Craig’s score is: 39

Dance Marathon

Lindy Hop dance off.

Matty J – out

Tom – out

Kyly – out

Lincoln – out

Bec – 10 points


Bec & Craig – safe

Lincoln & Lily – safe

Dance off

Tom & Alex – eliminated

Matty J & Ruby – eliminated

Kyly & Gustavo – safe


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