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Dancing All-Stars: Night 1

night 1

Welcome to Night 1 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Australia…

Daryl Somers is back for All-Stars and welcomes us all for Night 1 of the new series with Sonia Kruger back as his co-host…

Tom & Alex

Tango is Tom’s first dance and he’s having fun but he’s trying to remember everything. Yikes! Night 1 might be hotter than it should be.

Helen said she would would’ve liked to see him stand better. Paul wants him to get closer to Alex. Mark said it was powerful and a great start. Todd jokes about taking Tom taking his shirt off.

Tom & Alex’s score is: 28

Bec & Craig

Bec’s first dance is Foxtrot to Sia’s Titanium. Bec is very much in time and to have her back for Night 1 was a great way to have her back back on the floor.

Mark said Bec hasn’t lost her talent and is a great inspiration to her ideas. Paul said it was glorious. Todd said he wanted her to connect more to Craig. Helen said it was a nice 50-50 partnership.

Bec & Craig’s score is: 31

Lincoln & Lily

Lincoln’s first dance is Quickstep. Woo! Goo Lincoln! In time with Lily as well… Very impressive.

Paul questions Lincoln’s tongue. Mark loved the energy and said he was very light on his feet. Todd said it roped him and the audience in. Helen called him a cool dude.

Lincoln & Lily’s score is: 29

Kyly & Gustavo

Kyly’s comeback. First dance is a Jive.

The song is Christina Aguilera’s Candyman.

Little bit sloppy but its her first time doing the dance.

Todd loves it given his reaction and thinks… Luna Park? Helen loves it too. Mark said he was blown away.

Kyly & Gustavo’s score is: 33

Matty J & Ruby

Matty’s first dance is the cha cha cha… oh, boy…

It’s almost laughable though his leg work isn’t half bad. However, he’s to far away from Ruby.

Helen says he’s good. Paul can’t believe he remembered all the steps. Todd implies he’s relatable.

Matty J and Ruby’s score is: 23

Fifi & Jeremy

Fifi’s first dance is the Cha Cha Cha

Fifi is really rusty also her archival Cha Cha was a total trainwreck! However, it is much better than the first one.

Paul said he loves the joy she brings. Todd said it was a crime scene. Helen said it didn’t to be stamped out.

Fifi & Jeremy’s score is: 22

Schapelle & Shae

Schapelle’s first dance is Viennese Waltz.

Schapelle is actually really good and she connects with Shae really well.

Mark was inspired. Todd said she can dance and thought she’d be crap. She thought the same. Helen said she was in the moment and classy. Paul said he saw the magic.

Schapelle & Shae’s score is: 26


Tom & Alex – safe

Kyly & Gustavo – safe

Lincoln & Lily – safe

Bec & Craig – safe

Schapelle & Craig – safe

Matty J & Ruby – safe

Fifi & Jeremy – eliminated

Night One – Complete

Pretty sure the set they’re using is the same one from when Channel 10 had they had the rights to the show.

Night 2 is tomorrow at 7:30pm after Home & Away.

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