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Dancing 2020 Week 3 – Our Celebrities Share Their Memories

The Bachelorette; memories

Dancing is all about sharing your thoughts and feelings. This week’s Dancing with the Stars has the celebrities share some of their favourite memories.

Our celebrities will be dancing to their memories this week and it’s going to be emotional as hell!

Chloe and Gustavo

Chloe’s dance is contemporary. Her year was 2019 where she chose to believe in herself again after her tough life. Her dance is for her mum, Olivia.

We could just see the memories flow as she danced. So fluent and beautiful.

Sharna said her dance was “Wow” and that the dance is a part of who she is. Tristan said Chloe was fitting in on the show. Finally, Craig said he wanted her to use the floor more and that she needed to breathe.

Chloe’s score is: 24

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s dance was a tribute to her brother who has a mental illness and the song she danced to was Graceland by Paul Simon to the Quick Step.

She looks like she had a load of fun doing it.

Tristan said it had a load of energy, but she needed to focus on her footwork. Craig said her gapping wasn’t too bad but her footwork needed work. Sharna said she was captivated by it.

Claudia’s score is: 23

Beau and Megan

Beau’s dance is the memory of his wedding day. His dance is contemporary.

The movements look a little sloppy, but he’s doing a great job. Not amazing, though.

Craig said it lacked flow. Sharna loved it! it made her excited. She could see the emotion. Tristan said contemporary suits Beau better than any other dance he’s done before.

Beau’s score is: 21

Travis and Violeta

Travis’s dance is the Paso doble and commerates his AFL win.

It’s actually really good!

Sharna said he looked unsure but had improved since last week. Tristan said he looked dominate but shaping was amiss. Craig said it looked like an Action Man action figure and no Spanish line.

Travis’s score is: 15

Angie and Julian

Angie’s dance is to remember her grandmother to the waltz.

Angie looked so graceful and her grandmother would be so proud of her. It’s easy to see the memories flow.

Tristan said the pace didn’t match up with the body movement. Craig said it was like watching paint dry. Sharna said it was very simple and the frame still needs to fixed.

Angie’s score is: 14

Christian and Lily

Christian’s dance is a slow foxtrot to the memory of his first time to Disneyland.

Fluent and very fairytale-esque. Richard would be so proud.

Sharna loved it. Tristan left the love and felt the beginning reminding of a music box opening. Craig said good things… wow!

Christian’s score is: 21

Dami and Shae

Dami’s year is the one where she won X-Factor and her dance is Contemporary.

Beautiful and driven.

Tristan said she did a superb job. Craig wasn’t nasty. Shock! Sharna said she let everyone in.

Dami’s score is: 24

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s memorable year is 2002 where her mum taught her to be independent woman and her dance is Samba.

OMFG! So good and it’s to a Destiny’s Child song!

Craig said there was not enough bounce and a bit of a disaster. Sharna said it was H-O-T but something is missing. Tristan said she did a great job but it still needs work.

Ed and Jorja

Ed’s dance is Jive to celebrate 2006, the year his career took off.

Ed is trying so hard to be Danny from Grease. It was okay.

Sharna said it was ‘freaking amazing’. Tristan said it was his best dance. Craig said he enjoyed it.

Ed’s score is: 19

Memories Say Goodbye – Elimination

The bottom two were Angie and Julian and Travis and Violeta.

The couple eliminated was Angie and Julian.

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