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Harley Quinn REVIEW: Harley Goes Looking For A Nemesis But Gets Damian Wayne In ‘Finding Mr. Right’.


[Caution: Coarse Language and Spoilers Ahead]

Harley Quinn wants a nemesis, but ends up stuck with little shit, Damian Wayne. How bad can that possibly be?

Harley’s plans to become the ultimate villain come undone as she embarks on finding herself a worthy foe. Though, her plan doesn’t go the way she planned. Before you read this review be sure to check out the other reviews for episodes 1, 2, and 3.

It’s Raining Money!

As Ivy cleans up the apartment, Harley and her crew which still contains Clayface and Doctor Psycho, arrive back with bags full of loot.

Without thinking, Joker’s ex drops her bag of money on the coffee table, shattering it, much to Ivy’s annoyance. Harley then makes it rain cash as she slides money in front of Ivy.

Harley excitedly tells Ivy about the heist she and the guys undertook at a bank, saying that everyone in the bank was terrified of them.

What couldn’t be further from the truth is everyone is talking abut it on the news. When they see the coverage of Joker robbing a credit union and Batman stopping him, they’re in disbelief as it was just a ‘poor person bank’ and that they robbed a real bank. Whatevs, Psycho!

When there’s no coverage of their heist, Harley throws the remote through the television screen. Ivy says Harley has been living with her for only two weeks and she’s already destroyed nine TVs.

Harley gets an idea, but Ivy immediately shoots her down with the former Clown Princess of Gotham saying that the reason they’re not being noticed is because no one is trying to stop them. Clayface points out that Joker has Batman as a foe. Harley says Lex Luthor has Superman and Sinestro has Green Lantern and they need a nemesis.

We Need An A-Grade Nemesis

Harley posts on a craigslist-esque of website to get a Nemesis but comes up empty handed. After arguing with her landlord Sy, Ivy answers the door and finds a massive shark man standing there.

Ivy summons her plants while Harley smashes her bat over the shark’s face which doesn’t hurt him. Clayface jumps in and says there’s been a massive misunderstanding and that shark man is his friend, King Shark.

KS guesses that Harley is the one who is having issues trying to find a nemesis. He tells them their first issue is they’re not using the right keywords and it only takes him a few seconds to fix it. However, Harley rejects Tommy Tomorrow, King Shark tells her they’re not going to find what they’re looking a D-lister website.

Shark says there’s no Batman on the site. Harley then says they need Batman. Ivy is deadset against the idea. She says Harley has fought the Dark Knight plenty of times and always ends up at Arkham.

Harley says she has an idea that will ensure Batsy will become their official nemesis.

Harley Steals The Bat Mobile

Now, this is going to sound very Jason Todd-ish but Harley steals the Bat Mobile which begins a chase with the GCPD. Yeah, not exactly original on Harley’s part, but whatever.

Clayface and Psycho were surprised their leader was able to pull off such a big caper. Harley explains she was able to fake Batman’s vocal commands.

However, the victory doesn’t last long when Clayface is caught by Robin aka Damian Wayne aka Batman’s son. This doesn’t sit well with Harley who asks why the kid’s even doing there in the first place. Damian mocks her and calls her old and a clown.

Harley quickly gets the shits with Robin and hangs him from a hook after he insults her and she tells him to tell Batman she and her crew are coming for him.

Damian Declares Harley To Be His Nemesis On Tawny

Damian appears on Tawny’s talk show declaring her to be his nemesis. Tawny dubs him a ‘little sweet potato pie’ which doesn’t go over very well with Harley. Outraged, Harley smashes another coffee table.

Ivy blames herself because she called Damian adorable with Harley screaming the apartment down as she wants a nemesis with some hair on their chest. Ivy tells her that Catwoman told her that Batman waxes.

Hoping that the whole Robin issue will blow over, Harley is disappointed when King Shark tells her that it won’t just go away after one news cycle. He explains he found an article written by Lois Lane that paints her [Harley] in a bad light. Clayface says the title is just clickbait but maybe the article itself is more positive.

Ivy doesn’t think it is. Harley complains that the article is behind a paywall. Psycho says he’s already burnt through his five free articles while Clayface says he can’t subscribe to something else as his inbox is already swollen.

Pyscho thinks they should kill Lois while Harley says they can kidnap her and have her retract the article. Ivy says they can’t mess with Lois because Superman will show up. Harley says if they do it then they’ll get the most powerful nemesis in the world.

Kidnapping Lois Lane

Kidnapping a superhero’s main squeeze is never ideal. Just ask Harley and her crew when they kidnapped the one and only Lois Lane. The journalist refuses to write a puff piece on Harley and her team and is threatened with death until Supes shows up.

Surprised that Superman even showed up, Harley orders King Shark to live stream them fighting the Man of Steel. When Harley mentions making Lois a deadline, Superman comments on the paywall issue Joker’s ex-girlfriend bought up earlier. Even he says the $7.99 a month is steep.

However, the moment is ruined when Damian busts in, much to Harley’s annoyance. Superman is happy to see him, but Damian isn’t pleased when his dad’s frenemy calls him ‘sport’ and ruffles his hair.

It’s obvious that Damian is terrible at insult people as Supes just laughs at him when he calls him ‘big blue boy scout’ and says there’s probably a cat stuck up a tree someplace. The Last Son of Krypton leaves after confirming his sushi date with Lois.

Is Poison Ivy Pregnant?!

Arriving back at the apartment, Harley becomes excited when she finds the place decked out like a baby shower, thinking Ivy’s pregnant. Ivy tells her she’s not having a baby and that the shit is for her getting a ‘nemesis’ in Robin.

Ivy hands Harley a card that says it’s a boy on the front. Though, when she opens it, it’s from the Legion of Doom before it explodes. Seeing that the Legion were making fun of her, Harley announces they’re going to kill Damian. Her friends look at her in horror at the idea. Note, this is a nod to Joker killing Jason Todd in the Death in the Family storyline in the comics.

Ivy tells her BFF that they can’t kill Robin. Harley says she wants to smash Damian’s head with a bat like a watermelon. The plant siren says she knows Harley has the ability to kill the 12-year-old but she explains that if she goes through with murdering him, it will prove he’s her nemesis.

Harley’s New Plan And Exposing Damian

When it comes to plans, Harley’s are terrible which is where her new one comes into play. She takes her crew to a warehouse where she wants King Shark to swim in circle in a tank while Robin dangles above him. The idea is to scare him so he admits he’s lying.

At first, KS refuses while Clayface volunteers to play the shark in the scenario. When King Shark finds his proposal offensive, he decides to be the shark. Before he gets in the tank, he asks if he has to bite the kid as he doesn’t do well around blood.

Psycho says he’s fine and to get in the tank.

Harley arrives with a captured Robin before she has him hung up by his feet over the tank. She then forces the kid to admit he lied on Tawny’s show about being her nemesis.

Damian flat out refuses to tell the truth because he’s ‘Gotham’s sweet potato pie’ and that the people will believe anything he says. However, the curtain is drawn back and it’s revealed they’re on the soundstage of Tawny’s show the whole time.

The confession doesn’t go down well with the audience.

King Shark Attacks

With Damian called out for lying, what happens next isn’t want anyone expected.

Due to being hung upside down, Damian’s nose begins to bleed as it did earlier during the confrontation with Superman. The blood falls into the tank, setting off King Shark’s primal shark instincts.

Harley is forced to rescue the Boy Wonder before he becomes the main course. With King Shark on a killing spree, Batman comes in and sprays him with shark repellant.

Batman is far from happy that Harley used his ‘ward’ as shark bait and intends on sending her to Arkham… again.

Joker Learns Harley Is Batman’s New Nemesis

At the Gotham City Bank, Joker destroys the entrance after robbing the place but Batman isn’t anywhere to be found to catch him. One of his goons hands him his phone and shows him Tawny’s show where Harley is fighting Batman.

Before Batman has a chance to send Harley to Arkham, Ivy shows up with her plants, ready for a fight. The plants protect the crew while stringing Batman up.

Batman escapes Ivy’s plants where another fight breaks out. The fight comes to a halt when Joker shows up and asks if Harley is trying to steal Batman from him. The brawl is captured on live stream with Superman and Lois, Aquaman and Wonder Woman watching the fight from abroad.

After taking down Batman, Joker kidnaps Damian. Throwing Harley away, Batman goes after Joker and in pursuit of his son.

What A Shit Show

Back home, Ivy and Harley sit on the couch watching a rewatch of the fight and discuss how Harley got her ass kicked on live television. Ivy tells her that at least she got a swag bag from the whole ordeal.

Harley complains and says she still doesn’t have a nemesis while her bestie says she can’t force it. Harley also promises that she and her crew will be more careful not to make a mess in the apartment again.

Sy shows up and evicts the group. Ivy is far from happy and promises she’ll kick the group out as long as she can keep the apartment. Sy refuses and evicts her which prompts her to slam the door so hard, the coffee table smashes… again.

Batman Consoles Damian

At the Batcave, Damian sits glumly when his father comes in with his favourite sandwich, claiming he made it. Damian, seeing through his father’s attempts to cheer him up says Alfred made the snack.

After a chat about nemesises and how the entire Teen Titans team have them except Damian, Batman tells his son that he didn’t get his first nemesis until he was in his late 20s. Robin thinks his old man is just making it up, but Batman reveals it’s true. The kid then asks when he can start having sex which causes the conversation to turn awkward.

Lessons Learned

When we look at everything in this episode, we learn that we cannot always trust what we want to see. In saying that, if we want something, we need to see sometimes we can not always have what we want.

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