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The Bold and the Beautiful THEORY: If Steffy Ends Up Pregnant, Who Should Be The Father?

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Is Steffy about to get a case of déjà vu if she discovers she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the daddy is?

What is it with Steffy not knowing who the daddy of her kids are? First it happened with Liam and Bill when she slept with both of them around the time Kelly was conceived. This lead to her now ex-husband leaving her, knowing there was a chance she might be carrying his sister and not his daughter.

However, this time it’s a bit different. She has slept with her ex-husband who married to her stepsister while drunk. We can only assume she has also done the deed with her boyfriend and hot doc, Finn given she has said he says over a couple of nights a week. This brings us to the daddy issue.

Now, bit of a side note, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy is pregnant with her second baby. So, this storyline is only rumoured for the time being.

But if it were to come true, Steffy is going to have some serious explaining to do. It’s going to break Finn’s heart that his girlfriend slept with her ex-husband. If she is pregnant, it’s going to be really awkward to address the potential daddy situation.

Who Is The Daddy? Finn

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Hot doc Finn is caring and adores Steffy. He has also taken to little Kelly. If Steffy does end up pregnant, having her hunky beau would be an excellent candidate. In an earlier episode, he said he would love to be a dad, so could this be his chance?

If Steffy has his child, it would give him a deeper connection to the world that she occupies; fashion and wealth. While he likely doesn’t care about the money, his admiration of his girlfriend might be short-lived if he learns that not only did she sleep with her ex, but she could be pregnant with the other guy’s baby.

Could Finn begin to question his place in Steffy’s life and whether Thomas was right about Liam always jumping back to her? Will he see that there is a pattern when it comes to her relationship with her ex hubby? Perhaps he will prove her brother wrong and stay to prove he doesn’t care about the issues the fashion designer has in regards in the waffler prince of publishing.

Liam To Be The Father?

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There is no doubt that Steffy and Liam have a lot of history. There has been plenty of back-and-forth between them over the last decade and while fans are sick of it, the writers just cannot get out the rutt they’ve found themselves. If they decide to revisit the ‘who is the daddy?’ storyline but put a new take on it by exchanging Bill for Finn, there’s going to an uproar.

Liam has lost favour with a load of fans given not just his waffling ways, but the fact that he doesn’t think before he acts. He didn’t think to confront Thomas and ‘Hope’ and now he has accused Hope of cheating on him when he did the dirty on her only to learn it wasn’t her and that bloody mannequin.

Fans are going to hit the roof if there is a ‘who’s the daddy?’ storyline which makes Liam the father. We’re inclined to agree. What’s the purpose of Finn being in the picture when Spencer is the dad of this possible kid? Wasn’t the whole reason for his introduction to get give Steffy a man of her own instead of pining after her ex all the time?

If Liam is the father of this second child, if the storyline happens, there’s going to be a load of fans who will opt out of the show all together. They want development. Not storylines that are rehashed or recycled.

Steffy’s Role

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Now, you cannot have a ‘who’s the daddy?’ storyline without a woman and Steffy has become the target… again. The first time she got entwined with something like this, Kelly had almost ended up being Bill’s daughter though this might still play out in years to come. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, This is no different to when Brooke did not know who Bridget’s father was; Ridge or Eric. There is also the paternity drama where Ridge was not Eric’s son.

Steffy slept with both Liam and Finn and she is going to have to face the consequences of her actions. She cheated on her boyfriend with her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Spencer committed adultery against his wife all because of a misunderstanding involving Thomas.

Getting drunk, Steffy did the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Liam; sleep with him. So much for the co-parenting arrangement. What kind of example is this setting for Kelly?

As they say ‘It takes two to tango.’

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