Batwoman: The Crows Are More Than Corrupt, They Need To Be Put Out Of Commission


Last week’s Batwoman gave us some interesting insight into Ryan’s relationship with The Crows.

Ryan’s relationship with The Crows was mentioned as very difficult. It is revealed that they were the ones who arrested her for drug possession that saw her end up in prison for 18 months. We also learn that Wilder’s ex-girlfriend is the reason why she ended up behind bars.

She also learns about Luke’s experience with The Crows and how they were responsible for the death of his father, Lucius. Thinking this could potentially bring them closer, given his reluctance to accept her as Batwoman or in other words, a replacement for his close friend, Kate Kane, Ryan finds herself telling him what her experience.

However, this small bonding moment doesn’t last very long and Ryan struggles to understand why Luke won’t give her a fair shot. It devastates her more when her new roommate, Mary doesn’t back her up.

What’s more is we discover a reason as to why Ryan doesn’t trust Sophie. Because she works for The Crows, all the new Batwoman sees is corruption despite Agent Moore not being like many of her colleagues. We’ve been aware since the season premiere that there is a history between them as Commander Jacob Kane’s pet colleague often interviewed Wilder.

The Crows Need To Be Disbanded!

Now, we don’t care if Jacob Kane is the one who started The Crows. He should’ve known is there was corruption within his own organisation. The people he hired to work in law enforcement were supposed to be uninfluenced by criminal activity. Look at Sophie as a prime example.

Sophie is loyal to the message The Crows represent but she wants to provide positivity to the brand. This is what she attempts to convey to Ryan but falls flat.

It is clear that not all members of The Crows are corrupt, but if anything they need to be disbanded. Then, everyone needs to be fired and background checks need to be done on new recruits. Jacob’s way of doing things is not how everyone within the organisation operates.

However, there are those who are willing to go along with his orders. One example is Sophie who will only break the objective if she feels it is too dangerous. If something were to happen to Jacob, she’d be the perfect candidate to replace him as she follows rules.

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