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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Final Trailer Confirms Some Fan Theories

final trailer

EDIT: This was believed to be the final trailer, but another trailer dropped without warning. Consider this the second-last trailer.

The final trailer for Crisis on Infinite Earths is raw as heck! It also confirmed a few fan theories…

Crisis on Infinite Earths is almost upon us and boy did the final trailer deliver. According to Pagey, the trailer was put together by the editors who edited the actual episodes. In other words, it was more than just a tease. They wanted us, the audience to feel the impact of what is coming.

However, it also confirmed some theories people have had. Let’s go over what we know.

Theory #1: Kingdom Come Batman And Batwoman Recognise Each Other

second hour
[Credit: Comicbook]

When it was announced that veteran voice actor Kevin Conroy would play a version of Bruce Wayne, we all got excited. However, we all had one question: which Bruce were we seeing? When the first image of Conroy’s Batman dropped, it was noticed he had a full body brace on. Batman fans immediately pinned it down to the character being the Kingdom Come Batman like Brandon Routh is also playing Kingdom Superman outside of Ray Palmer.

Though, when Bruce is seen in the final trailer, he recognised her and she him. So, what gives? We can pin it down to three things.

The first thing is whatever Earth the Kingdom Come Batman is from, he knows a woman who looks exactly like Kate and shares her name. In the comics there was a Batwoman from Earth-22, but her name is unknown and she was an Apokoliptian warrior and not a human.

Our second theory is the Bruce we meet is from Earth-1. He might explain how he came to be in the brace. However, it mightn’t explain why he left Gotham.

The final theory we have is Kevin Conroy’s Bruce is the template of what Bruce Wayne looked like on Earth-1. This would explain how Kate immediately recognises him. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Theory #2: Argo And Earth-38 Implode

[Credit: Comicbook]

Kara just can’t seem to catch a break. First she loses her parents, aunt and uncle when her planet explodes. Then she gets trapped in the Phantom Zone and finds herself on Earth still a teenager. As an adult, she uses her powers and becomes Supergirl. Fast-forward to now and she’s just discovered that her BFF, Lena Luthor was stringing her along to get back at her for keeping her alien persona a secret.

Though, her life is about to become even more complex, according to the final trailer. Argo, the last remnant of Krypton and Earth-38 as a whole is going to be caught in the fallout of Crisis. This means, the Earth will go bye bye.

This was a theory a lot of fans had, including us. However, what will happen to Alura, Kara’s mother? We know Clark, Lois, and their baby make it off Argo. It’s also been confirmed that Alura will appear in the crossover, but she could serve as the warning her nephew and his wife and son need to escape.

Theory #3: Black Lightning Teams Up With The Flash

[Credit: Google]

We’ve known for a while that Black Lightning will be joining the Arrowverse. There was recently confirmation that an episode the show will link directly to Crisis as the character will come in during The Flash third hour and the Legends of Tomorrow fifth and final hour.

However, it looks like the theory people had about Iris West-Allen recruiting Jefferson might be accurate. While we don’t see her talking to Jeff in the promo, he is seen shaking hands with Barry (her husband) when he asks for his [Jeff] help in stopping the Anti-matter wave.

Theory #4: The Anti-Matter Is Destorying Earths With Even Numbers

final trailer
[Credit: Comicbook]

Okay, this one might seem a little far-fetched but we’re going to include it for good measure. We thought of this theory last year during Elseworlds. The tease was that Earth-90, home of the John Wesley Shipp, Barry Allen/The Flash from the 90s television series was destroyed when the Monitor gets his hands on the Book of Destiny. However, we didn’t think much of it at the time.

When Earth-2 was destroyed in Arrow, our theory started to form. In the final trailer for Crisis, there’s screen that says Earth-38 Signature Lost. 38 is an even number. So is, 2. However, our theory comes unstruck a in the image above of the map Jay Garrick shows Barry.

From what we’ve heard, Earth-9, which is the Earth that allegedly houses DC Universe’s Titans, will be destroyed in Crisis. The number 9 is NOT an even number.

While we only saw even numbered Earths wiped out, that doesn’t mean all of these Earths will get wiped out.

There’s probably a lot more theories confirmed from the trailer which we won’t go into here. We’ll go into the promised Ryan Choi article when we get it up when he shows up. We don’t have a whole heap of information on him as he hasn’t shown up in any promo material.

Theory #5: Nash Wells IS Pariah

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Fans have wondered for a while whether the current version of Harrison Wells, is Pariah. The character, who goes by the name Nash, has been hunting the Monitor, believing him to be a false god. In a scene placed at the end of Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash and Arrow, Wells is seen being sucked into bright light.

This basically confirms that Nash Wells will be Pariah.

Crisis is coming and there’s no stopping it. The event begins on the 8th December (in America) with Supergirl and will conclude in January on the 14th with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

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