Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite Earths: 10 Memorable Moments From Hour Three – The Flash

third hour; darker

Hour three of Crisis on Infinite Earth ended with a literally bang!  

 The Flash (hour three) was huge and terrifying as our favourite DC heroes fight to preserve Earth-1. While we’re not going to spoil what happens for those who have not seen it, let’s just say it is crazy as hell and we’re excited for what comes next.

We meet a couple of new friends and faces who will be familiar to certain viewers who follow said shows. There was a lot of great stuff in CoIE hour three, but we only chose ten. The reason for this was it would take too long to cover everything. So, please, bear with us. We’re also experimenting with the slideshow feature that we only just worked out how to use. The numbers for switching pages will be down the bottom of each section.

Please do not ask us to insert buttons because we’re only testing the feature out and we don’t get a say in anything this slideshow feature offers. Note, if we change the theme of the blog, the post might change format slightly, but we’re not sure.

Anyway, click here to recap hours 1 and 2.

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