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Crisis On Infinite Earths: 10 Memorable Moments From Hour One – Supergirl

Crisis on Infinite Earths is finally upon us and we’re in shock with everything that happened in the first hour. Here we’re going to go over our top ten memorable moments from hour one –  the Supergirl portion.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is finally here! It seems like only yesterday that we were granted with that tease at the end of the Elseworlds crossover. We were graced with the Supergirl hour and we’re STILL reeling! We thought we’d go over our memorable moments from hour one.

1. The Cameos

memorable moments from hour one
[Credit: Comicbook]

To begin our memorable moments from hour one, we though we’d start  with the cameos that appeared during The Monitor’s monologue. The following characters appeared in this order:

  • Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox from Earth-89 (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film)
  • Curran Walters and Alan Ritchson as Jason Todd/Robin and Hank Hall/Hawk from Earth-9 (DC Universe’s Titans)
  • Russell Tovey as Ray Torill/The Ray from Earth-X
  • Burt Ward as Dick Grayson from Earth-66 (1966’s Batman television series)
  • Will Wheaton as random protester on Earth-38

2. Lois Insults Clark’s Ability To Change Jonathan’s Nappy

memorable moments from hour one
[Credit: Comic Book]

One of the funniest moments in the episode was when Lois jokes about Clark’s ability change their infant son’s nappy. The look on Clark’s face is utterly priceless as he picks it up and disposes of it. Lois even teases that it’s worthy of the front page. This leads Clark to remind her that on Argo, he doesn’t have his powers while she tells him not to blame the red sun for his distain of changing Jonathan.

3. Team DEO Meet Kate And Mia

[Credit: Arrowverse Wikia]

In the chaos of Lyla arriving with Earth-1’s heroes on Earth-38, Alex orders Lyla to stand down. However, things get even more wild when Kate punches Harbinger in the face. What’s memorable here is Brainy’s reaction to hearing that Kate was chasing down one of her wicked sister’s rabbits. Mia, Oliver’s daughter chips and introduces herself.

J’onn says he didn’t know Oliver had a daughter. Mia sarcastically responds that her her dad gets that a lot.

4. Brainy’s Appreciation Of Ray’s Smarts And Kate’s Constant Annoyance Of Ray

memorable moments from hour one
[Credit: Comic Book]

Nothing says Brainy quite like his quips. When Barry, Sara, and Ray return from their assignment, Brainy tells the group that the tower that emerged on Earth-38 will make the antimatter go away. Ray unleashes his smarts which the alien genius greatly appreciates.

Meanwhile, Ray’s scientific knowledge annoys Kate to the point she threatens to take off his hand if he touches her batarang when he offers to upgrade it for her.

5. Oliver Gives Clark The Inspirational Parent Talk

memorable moments from hour one
[Credit: Comic Book]

When Brainy learns that baby Jonathan’s pod has entered a wormhole and has ended up on Earth-16 in 2046, Clark decides to go after him. Oliver stops him and tells him that he’s a parent too, but he needs to be cautious when going to rescue his son. What’s great about this is that we’ve got two very different heroes who happen to be fathers talking about how to protect their kids.

Lois tells her husband, she’ll go in his place while he stays with the other heroes. Sara and Brainy volunteer to go with her, promising to bring Jon back safely.

6. Alex’s Reluctance To Ask Lena For Help

first hour
[Credit: Comic Book]

After everything that happened with Lena and her stealing Myriad, Alex is reluctant to ask her to help them build a device big enough for all the ships on Earth to fly through. J’onn tells her that they need to set aside their differences to save the people of their Earth before it gets wiped out.

Lena tells Alex off for trying to arrest her while the DEO director tells the bitter Luthor that no one wanted to keep Kara’s secret from her.

7. Sara’s Heart-To-Heart With Earth-16 Oliver

[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

Arriving in 2048 on Earth-16, Sara, Lois, and Brainy run into that Earth’s version of Oliver who is surprised to see Sara. Turns out his Earth’s Sara died on the Queen’s Gambit years earlier and all his friends and family are either dead or missing.

Lois thanks him for keeping Jonathan safe while Sara has a heart-to-heart with him. She tells him that her version of him achieved so much. He became a hero, a father and husband.

8. Brainiac 5 Is ‘Good With Children’

[Credit: Comic Book]

Brainy deserves his own spinoff! When he volunteers to go with Lois and Sara to rescue Jonathan, he remarks “I’m good with children.” He then realises what he said and is like ‘I cannot believe I’m doing this!’

9. Kelly Uses James’s Shield

[Credit: Tell-Tale TV]

We knew James’s sister, Kelly was in the crossover, but we weren’t sure when and how she would show up. She joined Nia in redirecting people the ships to get off Earth-38 before it explodes. When chaos starts to descend, Kelly pulled out a familar shield to protect a bystander. Alex sees this and when her eyes land on Kelly, the younger Olsen sibling says “James left it for me.” Wooo! Go Kelly!

10. Oliver’s Death And The Monitor’s Reaction

[Credit: Comic Book]

We’ve known for a while that Oliver was going to do die. We just didn’t his death to happen in the Supergirl hour. After saving a few billion people on Earth-38, he is pulled back through the portal with fatal injuries. His friends and family gather as he takes his last breaths.

While this is a massive hit in the face, it’s the Monitor’s reaction that is chilling. He had seen Oliver’s death, but him sacrificing himself wasn’t what he saw.

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