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Craig’s Back! Dancing 2020 – Week 2

Craig; grand finale

Craig Revel Horwood is back and he’s not holding any prisoners.

Craig Revel Horwood is back on Dancing with the Stars Australia this week after his stint in the UK. The Class of 2020 had better watch themselves because when the nasty judge comes out swinging, he doesn’t hold back.

Good everyone. You’re going to need it.

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s dance this week is the Salsa. Her dance was done in honour of her late friend Samantha. Wow! She’s amazing! Her friend would be so proud of her. There was Beyoncé in there! Awesome!

Sharna said she’d never seen a Salsa and gotten emotional. She said there were improvements needed. Tristan mentioned sloppy feet and wanted to be part of the moment. Craig said it lost fluidity and criticised hip and footwork. Sharna bit into him but nothing shuts him up. Nothing.

Claudia’s score is: 19

Christian and Lily

Christian’s second dance is Cha Cha and he’s challenging Kylie Minogue. He had an absolute ball!

Tristan said Christian had fun but too much fun. There’s more than one side of every dance. Craig hated the hip action was sloppy and reminded him of a poor drag act. Sharna said there needs to be more power and totally disagreed with Craig.

Christian’s score is: 15

Ed and Jorja

This week, Ed tackles the Viennese Waltz, but he needs to keep a straight face. There is so much passion in the facial expressions. Craig said there was too much rise and fall, comparing it to a hoedown. Sharna said it wasn’t meant to be loving and had to be done to the song. Tristan said Ed’s doing the right thing but it’s not right…. Makes zero sense but in a nutshell it’s the execution of the dance.

Ed’s score is: 10

Dean and Alex

This week, Dean’s dance is the Tango. I have to say it’s much better than last week’s. Craig basically hated the whole thing except the story. Sharna said she is not speechless this week as it was a massive improvement but then it started to die. Tristan liked both dances (one from last week) for different reasons. He mentions that he overpowered Alex.

Dean’s score is: 12

Dami and Shae

Dami’s dance this week is the Cha Cha. She looked really awkward with the hip movements.

Tristan said sexy comes in all shapes. The footwork needed work. Craig said the whole dance was flatfooted and stompy. Sharna said she agreed with Craig and Tristan with the technical aspects.

Dami’s score is: 10

Beau and Megan

Beau’s dance is Foxtrot. It was magical to watch.

Craig said he needed more free arms but loved the other aspects that weren’t the Foxtrot bits. Sharna disagreed with Craig and said it was a perfect blend though he needs to cover more ground. Tristan said it was massive improvement from the week before.

Beau’s score is: 16

Chloe and Gustavo

Chloe’s dance is the Charleston. Holy crap! Chloe’s dance is so good!It looks like so much fun!

Sharna loved it, calling it fantastic. Tristan agreed, but there were some parts that were too careful. Craig didn’t complain for once! Whoo!

Chloe’s score is: 23

Angie And Julian

No pressure Angie, but you’ve got the Tango.

There were plenty of sharp movements.

Tristan approved of the intensity. Craig said she needs to work her technique. Sharna said Angie’s fitness was so much better.

Angie’s score is: 19

Travis and Violeta

Travis’s score is: 8

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s dance is Foxtrot. Well, she asked for a slow dance.

Sharna said they saved the best until last. Tristan said it was spot on and sexy. Craig praised her.

Celia’s score is: 25

The Elimination

Dean and Alex were the ones eliminated by Sharna and Tristan.

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