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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Thomas Jealous Of His Cousin And Which Person From Zende’s Past Returns?


A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Well, when you’re a grandchild of Eric Forrester, being a fashion designer is bound to rub off on you. Take Thomas and Zende for example. They’re both grandsons of the famed fashion icon and they’ve taken up the family trade. However, is Ridge’s son jealous of his cousin and his successes? We’re about to find out!

Also, with Zende still settling back into life in Los Angeles, he is going to get the shock of his life when a blast from his past returns. Question is, who is it?

Cousin Clash

Since Zende’s return to Los Angeles, Thomas has had his nose put out of joint because his cousin has been given the designer position on the Hope for the Future line. As fans know, the older Forrester once designed for HFTF when he was obsessed with Hope.

Because he got busted for trying to con Hope into marriage by using Douglas and Zoe to do it, Thomas was also cut from his job and it serves him right. His obsession got the better of him and he almost lost everything as a result.

Hope even mentions to Liam in today’s episode that she still does not trust Thomas 100% but can see he is making an effort for his son. However, when Zende weighs in a bit later, we caught something that we hadn’t expected; his comment about his wayward cousin and how they can never seem to get along.

Zende tells Hope and Liam that he’s always had a close relationship with his grandfather and thinks this is why Thomas envies him.

Because Thomas is the oldest of Eric’s grandchildren, he needs to work hard to prove he is on top of his game. Meanwhile, Zende is one of the youngest and doesn’t require a load of push to show he has talent. He also knows if he wants something, he has to do it legitimately.

Who Returns From Zende’s Past?

While we’re on the topic of Zende, there’s someone returning from his past soon but who is it? He has just broken off his marriage to Nicole Avant. Not to mention, he has also been flirting up a storm with Zoe Buckingham who was involved his ex-wife’s cousin, Xander. Talk about complicated, am we right?

Now, we are so close to finding out who this mystery person is, but could there another person involved who has not yet appeared?

Julius Avant

Zende’s former father-in-law, Julius is a likely candidate for the person who reappears. Why do we think this? Well, check out this screenshot from the B&B Fandom page for the Avant patriarch:

[Credit: The Bold and the Beautiful Fandom]

Check out the date in the Last appearance column in the information box. October 23, 2020. That date is the day after this post goes up. In the case of Australia which has Fast Tracked episodes on TenPlay, this will air tomorrow.

This has not been confirmed as true because with a Fandom site, anyone can edit it.


For fans who are eagerly waiting for Maya to come back, it has been implied that she and Nicole might be returning. This has not been 100% confirmed to be true just yet.

A few years back, Maya and Zende had a brief flirtation that we think ended up with a kiss being involved. We can’t remember back that far.

Perhaps the reason Zende and Nicole broke up was because she found about what happened between him and her sister.


Having Nicole return to the story right now doesn’t seem to fit very well with the narrative. When Zende returned, she was still in Paris and he mentioned it.

If it were her, there would’ve been an announcement of Reign Edwards returning or a recast.

Honestly, there would’ve been a recast purely because Reign is currently on another show. However, seeing as there’s been no announcement it’s not going to be Nicole.

Paris Buckingham

A while ago we mentioned that Zoe will be given a sister in the form of Paris Buckingham who will be played by Diamond White. Now, this is mini theory may be little far-fetched but still plausible. What if the person who comes back from Zende’s life is Paris? How they could know each other would have to be explained.

However, there is a flaw in this theory. Paris’ debut is slated for early November so it’s unlikely to be her.

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