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Dancing 2020: Week 6 – Courtney Act Returns And Judges The Judges

Courtney Act

Courtney Act returns to the Dancing with the Stars stage…

With the craziness of the last week now behind us, it’s time for Dancing with the Stars. There’s going to be a very special guest and it’s going to be awesome! Last year, Courtney Act was runner up to Samuel Johnson. Now, everyone’s favourite drag queen is back and this time, she’s in the judges’ seat judging the judges. Whoa! That’s a mouthful! Also, this is the first time there is no audience due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Also, the crew filled in as the spectators!

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s dance this week is the Charleston. OMG! Loving the Great Gatsby vibes in the background. The song sounds like a load of fun. Celia did a frickin’ flip over Jarryd!

Sharna fricking loved it! Courtney said she even loved it and said the crowd would be supportive. Tristan said he loved Celia’s technique. Craig said there needed to be more swivel and that it was quirky in a good way!

Celia’s score is: 38

Ed and Jorja

Ed has got the Tango and he’s started Jorja Appreciation Week or JAW and he’s suddenly regretting it.

Jorja is so cool as an android lady with wheels on her shoes? The dance looks amazing despite not liking Ed.

Courtney said she’s appreciating Jorja and her only criticism is she’s looking more at Jorja then Ed. Tristan wasn’t all there but liked it nonetheless the less. Craig said Ed needed more heel. Sharna said she jumped on the JAW train as she’s done well with Ed but he got hunchy.

Apparently, Katy Perry was not impressed.

Ed’s score is: 31

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s dance this week is Contemporary.

Woo! Go Clauds! Oooh! Sexy as hell.

Tristan said he it was perfect and that it made up for last week’s dance. Craig said he would have wanted to see transition but loved it? Make up your mind! Sharna said it was very grounded as it suited it. Courtney said it a perfect dance for it. She said that she was told with her own dance career last year to close her legs so she passed the knowledge along! Woo!

Claudia’s score is: 34

Christian and Lily

Christian’s dance this week is Quickstep.

Woo! Go Christian! He was amazing last week and he’s equally as good this week!

Craig said the frame was wobbly but it was clean and bright. Sharna said it was everything a Quickstep should be. Courtney loved it and said it was beautiful. Tristan said there was too much gapping.

Christian’s score is: 34

Chloe and Gustavo

Chloe’s dance this week is Paso doble.

It’s Egyptian themed!

Sharna said it was a good dance for Chloe though it lacked a little Paso. Courtney loved the power and the energy. Tristan agreed with Sharna. Craig said it lacked shaping but he loved it.

Chloe’s score is: 28

Dami and Shae

Dami’s dance this week is Tango.

Dami looks really stiff and she was determined to try again.

Courtney said it was a step up from last week. Tristan said she came back with a grit. Craig was critical. Sharna said she wasn’t cover enough space.

Dami’s score is: 22

Courtney Act Judges The Judges

Team Sharna

Sharna’s team is Celia and Jarryd and Claudia and Aric.

Holy shit! It’s a slow version of Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Woow!

Courtney said it was beautiful and powerful and defiant! Craig said he felt the power too. AH-MAZE-ING! Tristan said power rules it and thought it was fantastic.

Team Shauna’s score is: 28

Team Tristan

Tristan’s team is made up of Dami and Shae and Ed and Jorja.

Tristan made the dance as fun as possible.

Sharna said it was a lovefest and some of the staging was a little weird. Courtney said it was wonderful and fun. Craig said it was dreadful in a good way.

Team Tristan’s score is: 26

Team Craig

Craig’s team is Chloe and Gustavo and Christian and Lily and their theme is Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.


Courtney said she loves Craig’s face and she loved the performance. Tristan said it kinda scares him. Sharna said it was fun but she wanted better staging.

Team Craig’s score is: 26.

Elimination Time

The bottom two are Chloe and Gustavo and Ed and Jorja.

Ed and Jorja’s cha cha looks pretty good.

Chloe and Gustavo’s cha cha looks just as good, which makes it hard for the judge’s to choose.

Chloe and Gustavo were eliminated.

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