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Babes Against Bullshit: Trump’s Desperation – Staging A Coup Is Not Going To Get The President What He Wants


There is SO much I could say about Donald Trump that I have not said before. It has been almost three weeks since the US Presidential Election was called for Joe Biden and the president is still confusing to concede to his rival. It’s gotten to the point now where it looks like he’s going to stage a coup to get what he wants. He is now running scared of what will happen to him post-White House.

The FBI will be waiting for the president given all the dodgy things he has done while in the Oval office. Also, it has come to my attention that there are so many people who despise the man. Not everyone loves him and there people within his own party that want him gone.

Trump’s idea of a coup is not doing him any favours. There are Republicans who obviously agree with their president, but there are those who see him as a national disgrace to their party. What does he believe he will achieve by firing anyone who doesn’t agree with him and replacing them with those who do?

President Trump has been told by a number of people including wife Melania and son-in-law Jared to just concede. He hasn’t and is just hurling conspiracy theories left, right, and centre knowing that people will believe whatever he says.

Man, I would NOT have wanted to be Jared in that moment. We can just imagine the look of sheer horror as Trump had to listen to people who are meant to be on his side tell him to concede. I can just imagine him sitting at the desk in the Oval Office with his arms folded and him throwing a toddler tantrum of “I don’t wanna go! I’m not conceding! This is my office!”

Trump The Man-Child

The more Trump sprouts his conspiracy theories, the more desperate he appears. He knows that people may believe him if they follow his ideals. However, anyone who is sensible know that he is a con, someone who wants to remain in power.

Screaming like a child that doesn’t get his own way is not doing Trump any favours. He is ruining what politics should be; a way of getting ideas across while people debate the right way to go about it. His behaviour is making people question whether America’s voting system is safe. Officials say it is, but the president is making them question everything about how their politicians are selection.

A coup would only make people more desperate and it puts pressure on the Republican leaders in the individual states to change the result to what he wants. However, there are load of top honchos who know Trump is not right but can’t speak out against him because they’ll lose their jobs. He has been sacking people since the election was called for Joe Biden because they don’t agree with him.

The Day Trumps Will Have To Leave The White House

I will be so glad once the Trump era in the White House is over. While I may be Australian, I do have an opinion on it so I’m going to share it. I cannot wait until January 20, 2021 – which would be the day that Trump and his family are out of the White House.

However, it is possible that one or all of them will refuse to go. I can just see the breaking news stories now: “FORMER FIRST FAMILY REFUSES TO LEAVE WHITE HOUSE” or something along those lines. I am going to need an extra large tub of popcorn because it would make comical viewing.

The Trumps – except Donald’s niece, Mary – are nothing more but money-grabbing narcissists who will do anything to keep power. Their beloved patriarch think staging a coup will allow him to remain POTUS. Sorry, Donald but you LOST. Just give it up already. Conceding will get people off your back. But, you won’t. In your tiny little fragile mind, you are the best thing to ever happen to the United States.

Donald, you RUINED America. You disrespected it’s people including those who served in the military whom you deemed ‘losers’. The people have spoken. They do not love you the way you think they do. The only people that do follow you are fellow cultists who hate politicians and don’t believe science. You are endorsing bullshit just to get what you want.

Not Going To Work

Donald Trump and his attempt to create a coup has only made the whole situation worse. He cannot accept defeat to Joe Biden whom won – not necessarily by a landslide – but because he is honest. He understands America is on the verge of collapse with its economy. The POTUS doesn’t care about the people he swore to defend.

He threw the country under the bus. All he wants is to lead a country in a dictator way. His motto is Make America Great Again or MAGA and it’s basically become a cult. It’s eye roll cringe worthy when a world leader says that an election is rigged against him and yet, he and his team don’t have proof.

There has been transcripts where judges have asked for proof. The lawyers’ responses were all the same; we can’t. Then, there’s Rudy Giuliani who was once respected as the Mayor of New York.

However, now he backs the president and claims that they have proof of widespread election fraud. Though, no evidence has been revealed. What does that tell you about the Trump administration? It tells us that they’re desperate enough to try and stop the Biden team from taking power because they know Donald will be getting in some serious strife once he leaves office.

The people who voted against him had a reason for voting Biden. They want their country to return to what it was when Barack Obama served as Commander-in-Chief.

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