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Could Thomas Ruin Hope’s Chance At True Happiness On The Bold and The Beautiful?

For six months, Hope has been unhappy since she ‘delivered’ a stillborn daughter who she believed was her daughter, Beth. She’s suffered loss after loss with ending her marriage to Liam and the death of her friend and intern, Emma. With Thomas constantly lingering in the shadows to court her, has Hope lost all chance of happiness?

It’s been a long haul for Hope Logan. She’s always played second fiddle to her on-off stepsister Steffy Forrester. However, losing her baby daughter appears to be in the final straw for her. Since Beth’s apparent stillbirth, the grieving mother has felt the strain of her marriage and the unwanted pursuit of her stepbrother, Thomas Forrester who has been in love with her for years. Happiness just hasn’t come its way in almost six months!

Wanting Liam to be a full-time father to his daughter Kelly and her little sister Phoebe, Hope wanted to end her marriage for the sake of the children. Liam resisted for a while before he gave in to her request. Also, Thomas was at her shoulder acting as her shoulder devil saying it was for the best that his nieces had their dad back.

Thomas has been obsessed with Hope since his return to LA with his son, Douglas after the death of his baby mama, Caroline Spencer. He sees how good she is to his son and confuses love with obsession. He claims he never got over Hope, especially after she rejected his proposal years earlier. If Hope wanted to marry him, she would have.

Thomas And the Baby Swap Secret

Since discovering that Phoebe is Beth, Thomas originally wanted to tell his sister the truth about the baby girl she’s fallen deeply in love with. Though, this changed after he saw how happy Steffy was with the baby, Kelly, and Liam and decided it was best she didn’t know the truth. He has been vocal about wanting Liam to be with his sister and nieces in a way that he, Steffy and their late sister, Phoebe never had with their parents.

Thomas has voiced his hatred for Liam on several occasions. He believes the Spencer heir isn’t good enough for Hope and thinks he’s better off with his sister. He also hated that Liam ‘stole’ Hope from him and that she turned down his proposal.

With the baby swap secret, its easy for Thomas to manipulate the situation get what he wants. He’s blackmailing Flo with ruining her new life as a Logan, Xander, who is the only person brave enough to stand up to him with Zoe’s life, and Zoe with the loss of her career and father going to prison.

Also, he’s not afraid to go one or two steps too far. After all, he did run Emma’s car off the road and it resulted in her death.

Planning A Future With Hope

When it comes to Thomas, he has one goal and he will not stop until he gets what he wants. He’s already killed Emma and he’s blackmailing Zoe, Flo, and Xander. What he fails to see, is he’s using his own son as bait to reel Hope into his arms.

Hope’s baby’s survival is the one thing that Thomas didn’t think about. If he wants a chance with her, the baby swap cannot come out. It’s bad enough that Emma almost ruined his plan to make her his wife and Douglas’s new mother.

Other than Xander, the other thorns in Thomas’s side are Brooke and Liam. They see through his façade of being concerned for Hope’s happiness and wellbeing. To them, Thomas is taking advantage of Hope’s good nature and pain of losing Beth.

In Thomas’s eyes, it’s better if Liam goes back to Steffy and raises their daughters, unaware Phoebe is Beth. His plan benefits himself and Douglas most of all. He gets Hope as his bride and Douglas gets a new mother. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Doesn’t Hope See Thomas For Who He Is?

Hope is grieving her daughter who she thinks is dead. She’s stated on a couple of times she feels like Beth isn’t dead and she’s correct. As distraught as she is over her daughter’s stillbirth, she’s leaning on Thomas for support, and pushing everything those who see Thomas’s true motives to the bottom of her thought train.

She thinks Thomas is only trying to support her and doesn’t think his advances towards her are anything to worry about. Meanwhile, her mother and Liam don’t trust anything Thomas has to say and have both warned Hope numerous times not to trust him.


The biggest pawn in Thomas’s plan to snag Hope is Douglas who adores Hope. The little boy loves Hope who has been a huge support to him since Caroline’s death. They both find happiness in each other when they’re together.

Liam can see how Thomas is using his son to manipulate Hope and has called him out on it. Though, he falls on deaf’s ears every time. He knows Caroline would be appalled that Thomas is using their little boy to get what he wants. Also, does he really thing Douglas will call Hope ‘mommy’ and forget Caroline was his mother?

Does Hope Think Happiness Will Ever Reach Her?

Hope has lost all sense of happiness since she lost Beth. She thinks the universe is out to get her and doesn’t want to get pregnant again, fearing she’d lose another child. For those keeping score, Hope lost a child to miscarriage after she fell down a flight of steps when she was married to Wyatt. This was the reason she went to Milan and was absent for a few years.

She says when she goes to Carter about an annulment that the reason she wants the annulment and not a divorce is she is infertile which we know she isn’t.

With Douglas and Phoebe, she feels happiness and in a recent episode, she accidentally called Phoebe ‘Beth’. Thomas’s heart was in his throat. He thought Hope had worked out Phoebe’s true identity for herself.

She claims to be happy for Liam to move on with Steffy and the girls, but it’s obvious it’s not what she truly wants. She wants the life she was meant to have with Liam and their daughter but to her, that dream died with Beth.

For Hope, her own happiness isn’t important. The idea of Kelly and Phoebe having Liam around is more important.

Stay Out Of It Ridge And Brooke!

For years, Ridge and Brooke have meddled in their children’s lives, despite saying they won’t. With the whole Thomas situation, Ridge doesn’t see what Thomas is really doing. He doesn’t see his son’s manipulations of Hope and Douglas. All he sees is his son, who he hasn’t held in high regards for YEARS, stepping up and being a great father to his child and a future leader for the family company.

Thomas has even gloated that he can do what he wants with Zoe, Xander, and Flo if they blab because his family name is on the building. Brooke has tried talking to her stepson and told him to back off, but he claims he’s in love with her daughter and will do whatever it takes to marry her.

Ridge doesn’t view the situation the same way as his wife does. He thinks Hope is good for Thomas and Douglas and they should be together.

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