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Could Douglas Break Up Thomas And Zoe?

Douglas, break up, downfall

Could Douglas be plotting to break up his father and Zoe?

They say ‘like father, like son’, but could Thomas’s evil streak be rubbing off on Douglas? The little boy who reunited Hope and Liam with Beth, might try to break up his father’s relationship with Zoe.

The son of the Caroline Spencer II was taught by his late mother to always tell the truth. It was this memory that helped him convince Liam and Hope that their ‘stillborn’ daughter was living with Steffy as Phoebe Forrester II. It also lead to his father and stepmother to break up.

Douglas has always adored Hope and she loves him. She even chose him over her relationship with Liam after she saw him kiss his other baby mama, Steffy. However, it looks like his close bond with his adoptive mother could be threatened by his father’s new girlfriend.

Thomas Had Better Watch His Back

Creep; break up
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Thomas’s schemes to make Hope jealous haven’t worked so far but he’s going to push the boundaries to get what he wants. He’s stringing Zoe along and setting her up for heartbreak while hoping Hope will throw herself into his arms. Though, he’s about to pull stunt that might backfire if he’s not careful.

The fashion designer will throw Zoe a birthday party at Forrester Creations and officially introduce her to his son. His idea is to make Hope believe that if his ‘girlfriend’ and Douglas are developing a close bond, she’ll be replaced.

This might unravel as Zoe and Douglas are said to meet but it doesn’t go the way Thomas wants. All the little boy wants is Hope. Odds are that the little hero isn’t going to like the woman taking his daddy away from him and his second mother.

Douglas will possibly need to do whatever possible to break up Thomas and Zoe, though it may lead to trouble.

For the moment, this is just a rumour and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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