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Coronavirus: Journalist Lisa Wilkinson Pleads To Supermarkets To Allow Special Trading For Elderly And Vulnerable – More Well-Known Figures Affected


The Coronavirus is sweeping the world and humanity is showing the ugly side of what happens when panic sets in…

It’s turned into a pandemic quicker than anyone could have imagined. The Coronavirus is worsening and people are panic buying. Journalist Lisa Wilkinson has pleaded with supermarkets to allow the elderly and vulnerable to shop early in the day before the main rush to stock up on essentials really begins. Here’s the video she posted to Instagram last night:

We have recently spoken about #ToiletPaperGate and how stupid people are being with stockpiling the precious morsels. However, desperate times call upon people to do the right thing. Unlike with the recent bushfires that brought out the best in humanity, this virus is bringing out the worst.

Well-Known Figures Are Effected By The Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread, well-known figures are also being infected. Now, there is no need to panic. They are isolated to stop the spread. Some of these figures include:

  • Richard Wilkins – Entertainment Reporter for Channel 9 Australia
  • Peter Dutton – Politician
  • Tom Hanks – Actor/Husband of Rita Wilson
  • Rita Wilson – Actress/Singer/Wife of Tom Hanks
  • Sophie Trudeau – Wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • Idris Elba – Actor

There’s likely more, but these are ones we know of. There’s a rumour floating around that President Donald Trump might have the virus, but it has not been confirmed.

How To Stay Safe During The Coronavirus

If you’re struggling to find a way to keep safe, here’s a few ways to do that:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Stay away from anyone who is feeling sick or has symptoms of the Coronavirus or a simple cold.
  • If you have more than your fair share of toilet paper and/or other supplies, share them amongst your family, friends, and neighbours. In other words, don’t be a scrooge and think you need all that stuff. Place stuff outside their door and leave a note on their front door or in their mailbox.
  • Don’t go on a massive shopping binge and get into fights with other people who have something you didn’t get first. First in, first served.
  • Look out for your elderly and/or vulnerable friends, neighbours, and relatives. They need supplies more than you do, so please be kind.
  • If you have symptoms that resemble those of the Coronavirus, ring a doctor and get tested. If your results come back as positive, isolate yourself. The same applies if you have come into contact with someone with the virus but are not showing symptoms.

Lisa’s Fair Point About The Coronavirus

We mentioned before that Lisa Wilkinson was the one who put out the cry for the supermarkets to dedicate the first hour of trading to the elderly and vulnerable to shop with all the shelves stocked and ready to go. We applaud Woolies for agreeing to this and thank you to Coles and Aldi for enforcing it so quickly.

Lisa is 1000% correct. People are getting greedy and they’re only looking out for themselves. It’s important to think not even twelve weeks ago and earlier when the country was burning. So many people pitched in and to help others. Now, it’s the total opposite.

People, you are being selfish. Whatever happen to common courtesy? The elderly and vulnerable, meaning people with weaker immune systems are being left behind because of the mean-spirited nature of others. Don’t tell us that everyone is scared. We know and we understand. This is a scary time for everyone, but please give someone the helping hand they need and don’t hoard that toilet paper or multiple packets of pasta for yourself. Give some away. Oh, and don’t bother trying to take it back to the supermarket because you won’t get a refund.

Selfishness Equals Stupidity!

In the rush to get stuff in case of self-isolation, people are sinking to extremes to hoard items so others can’t have them. Take this story from 7News. Humanity has really sunk beneath the waves where parents are giving kids money to go in and buy more stuff when they themselves have gone past their limit at the checkout.

What pisses us off about this is that the kind hearts who were helping people during the Bushfires are now becoming the selfish ones. Grow some… we’re not even going to finish that sentence.

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