Coronavirus Outbreak: Supermarkets Rationing Certain Products


The Coronavirus outbreak is sending Australia’s into a storm of hysteria as supermarkets and some chemists are being forced to ration their products.

First it was #toiletpapergate and now its everything else gate! Some Supermarkets are being forced to ration many of its products to meet the overwhelming demand due to the far of the coronavirus outbreak. Even some chemists are over the hysteria and are being forced put hand sanitiser behind the counter.

What makes this hysteria so ridiculous is people won’t appear to be listening to the facts given. The outbreak has only killed a few thousand people. It’s not like the black plague that wiped out millions of people. To show just stupid this thing is, here’s a slideshow of the photos I took at the other day at the supermarket:

Most of the photos were of the shelves in Woolworths. When I was there, the toilet paper shelf wasn’t quite empty. Even the tissues were mostly gone.

Statistics Aren’t Enough For #ToiletPaperGate

The stats say that the death rate from the coronavirus outbreak is only about 3%. However, the elderly are more at risk than other age groups. Some people have gotten the virus and recovered without intervention. This is amazing news but it doesn’t help with the hoarding situation.

People are just following what other equally stupid people are doing and not thinking logically. What about the people who can’t drive and have to have someone take them to the shop to pick up toilet paper or handwash or even long life milk? They get there and there’s none left because morons feel it’s the end of the world! Please think of others and how your paranoia effects them! The world is not ending! What I hate about the paranoia is the idea that people are asking the vet to put their pets down, fearing they’re going to catch and spread it.

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