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There should be some kind of royal rule against copycat behaviour…

There is a difference between obsessive copycat behaviour and a loving tribute. In regards to Meghan Markle, the second daughter-in-law of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, she falls into the ‘I want to be like the MIL I never knew’ territory. In a nutshell, it’s borderline creepy.

While Sussex fans will argue that Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge could be considered a copycat too, she’s actually not. She doesn’t try to imitate the late Princess of Wales and when she does, it’s subtle. She has her own style with the occasional nod to her late mother-in-law.

With Meghan, it is a consistent thing. She has dressed like Diana, quoted her and she’s even posed like her. If what her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy has said is true, the former actress wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. This doesn’t surprise us.

It has been said that Meghan was given biographies growing up of the royal family, but her favourite was Diana. Let’s take a look at how the copycat has copied the late Princess of Wales.

The Biographies

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In 2017, Ninaki Priddy who had known Meghan most of her life until she got ghosted, told the Daily Mail that the now-Duchess of Sussex was fascinated with the royal family. She says that the former actress had a copy of Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton on her bookshelf.

In an ABC article from 2018, it is revealed by Andrew Morton, the author behind Diana: Her True Story – who has since written a book on Meghan called Meghan: A Hollywood Princess – was told by one of her former friends that the actress wanted to be like the late Princess of Wales, Diana 2.0 if you will. He also wrote that according to several ex-friends that Markle cried when they watched the funeral of the Princess of Wales on television in 1997.

Morton also wrote Markle as being a social climber who would use people who could boost her career in Hollywood as evident with her first husband, Trevor Engelson. Well, he wasn’t wrong. Moving back onto Meghan’s Diana obsession, let’s go onto her jewellery and clothing choices.

Meghan And Her Diana-esque Clothing And Jewellery

Jewellery and Accessories

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When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan, she got her first taste at wearing Diana’s jewellery. Two of the three diamonds that the royal placed in the engagement ring he gave her were sourced from the Princess of Wales’ collection. This is not the beginning of her copycat behaviour.

During Meghan’s time on Suits, she bought herself a Cartier Tank Watch, identical to the one Diana had which she had engraved. A lot of media outlets often mistake it for Diana’s.

Meghan became a ‘humanitarian’ in 2016, the year she met Harry. One of the photos that was taken during one of these trips mirrors one of Diana.

Diana had a Cartier Tank Watch that she wore on a regular basis. After her death, her eldest son, Prince William chose the watch from her collection. It’s unclear what happened to it as Harry got the sapphire engagement ring which later ended up on Catherine’s finger when Wills proposed.

Meghan’s look in the second photo which is accompanied by a magazine cover from Hello! Magazine is almost identical to Diana’s. From the shirt and pants to the sunglasses down the front of the shirt to the pose, it’s clear Markle is imitating the late royal mother-of-two.

Meghan has also worn various pieces of Diana’s jewellery over the years and apparently was wearing Diana’s Tennis bracelet during the Oprah interview along with a bracelet given to her as a wedding gift by her first husband, Trevor Engelson.


Diana was a style icon that inspired so many including her daughters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan. We’ve seen the Duchess of Cambridge dress in similar outfits but she has come to develop her own iconic style over time. However, the Duchess of Sussex has played the Diana card so many times that its borderline obsession. Here’s just a few examples:

These are just a handful. Oddly enough, she started dressing like Diana long before she met Harry. According to her half-sister Samantha via, Meghan adopted many of the late princess’ mannerisms including her fashion sense, her body language, and the creepiest part of all was she wore the Princess of Wales’ favourite perfume on her first date with Harry. We’ll get to each of these things over the course of the post.

Samantha’s claims were even backed up by Ninaki Priddy when she spoke to Andrew Morton for his biography on Meghan. She was the first one to make the copycat allegations.

Humanitarian Causes

Before 2016, it is unclear whether Meghan had humanitarian causes she championed. She worked with the UN during her time on Suits but this came to an abrupt end when she met Harry and she started working with other charities.

However, Meghan has claimed multiple times to be a champion of women’s rights and female empowerment. We know that this part of her copycat plan to be a reincarnated Diana to snag a prince. The late Princess of Wales was patron of dozens of charities during her lifetime while her daughter-in-law who idolised her as a teenager only champions causes when they’re relevant.

Examples of Meghan’s bandwagon hopping include:

  • Black Lives Matter – Meghan had never spoken about the importance of black lives prior to George Floyd’s murder.
  • Baby2Baby – they handed stuff out for ten minutes and left and had photos takes by a personal photographer. Look at the credit stamp in the bottom left corner of the photos.
  • Vancouver-based charities aimed at women – Meghan allegedly showed up unexpectedly.
  • The visit to that LA preschool to commemorate Princess Diana’s death saw them criticised for showing up when parents weren’t allowed to walk their children in because of restrictions.

There’s plenty of other examples but these are just a few of them. We need to point out that Diana would never have done this. She worked with charities that she was interested in and she never abandoned them the way Meghan appears to.

Sure, all royals have their favourite causes but they don’t jump on a charity endeavour unless they can commit to it fully. Meghan appears to do something once and then throws them away. Look at the alleged situation with the visit to Fiji. She apparently didn’t want to be in the same village as UN Women.

The Perfume

It has been alleged a couple of times, one of which came from Samantha Markle that Meghan knew what Diana’s favourite perfume was and wore it on her first date with Harry.

Now, this is beyond stalkerish. If she happened to be a fan of the perfume without knowing anything about Diana, then it wouldn’t have been an issue, but given her obsession and wanting to be like her or in a sense, be her it is just creepy. Now, we need to note that Hello! Magazine points out that the late Princess of Wales had more than one favourite scent. So, it is unclear which one the Duchess of Sussex would’ve used. It’s also unknown how she would’ve known this.

It’s possible she could’ve seen it written in one of the many books she would’ve read about the Princess of Wales.


One copycat tactic Meghan has adopted is copying Diana’s mannerisms. Head tilts, body language techniques. You name it, she’s done it. If you look at photos from some royal events and of course, the Oprah interview, you’ll see the way she copies almost everything. Here’s a bit of an example:

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

Here’s another example where she copies the head tilt from the Panarama Interview:

[Credit: Yahoo News]

Basically you get the idea that Meghan is a copycat. At least Catherine doesn’t copy everything their late-mother-in-law does. It’s surprising that Harry doesn’t pick up on how his wife is copying his mother.

Lies Meghan Has Told That Are Similar To Diana

It has never been too much of secret that some of the lies that Meghan has told have mirrored instances in Diana’s life.

One such lie came in the Oprah interview when Meghan claimed she wasn’t helped and believed that the Firm was helping her when they weren’t. This is a total fib on her part because there is quite literally articles written by accurate news sources saying that Samantha Cohen was asked by the Queen personally to help her early days as a royal.

Meghan’s claims mirror Diana’s revelations about being told she would get help but wasn’t to a tee. There have been others over time as well, but this is just one example. All Markle is doing is making her husband believe she is his mother reborn and it’s beyond cringeworthy. How Harry can just sit back and take her at her word is enough to make us nauseated.

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