Demands Or Control? A Harry And Meghan Rant

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Call it a conspiracy all you want, but what if things the Sussexes were doing were not as they made out? Was it about control?

The Sussexes have made a real mess of… well, everything. They thought the Queen would grant their plan of being half-royals only for that to blow up in their faces. Though, this was never Meghan’s grand plan. She never intended to be a British citizen. Those pretty words were only said to appease the Queen and the other senior blue bloods. Oh, and let’s not forget the public. After all, Harry wants the world to think of his wife as some kind of saint who cannot do anything wrong. However, what if there was more to it. We’re not going to say anything crazy like a fake pregnancy to cover over something like the prince knocking up a member of staff. Nothing like that. If anything, it was about control.

We all know Meghan has a massive need for control over everything they do. But what if Markle wanted revenge for not being taken seriously and wanted to dismantle the royals from the outside in? As absurd as that sounds, it’s plausible given the type of person she is. Let’s take a look at what we know. Please bear in mind this is only a theory. This likely is NOT true.

Harry And The Jealousy Over His Brother’s ‘Perfect Life’

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We know Harry and his older brother, William were close long before Meghan entered the picture. They leaned on each other, especially after their mother died when they were boys. We also know Catherine sees her brother-in-law as another brother or she did before the feud started.

It’s also never been a secret that Harry wanted to be a dad and was a doting uncle to George and Charlotte prior to Meghan pulling him away from them. What if he became envious of his brother when his darling wife [Meghan] entered the picture? She likely whispered sweet nothings of how he was better than Wills. This drove the prince to lash out at his sibling when he told him to turn the volume down on his romance with the actress. All the Duke of Cambridge wanted him to do was get to know her before jumping into marriage.

Harry came to see his brother, who has protected him since they were kids, as a ‘snob’. If he was in his right mind, he would see that the future king was looking out for his best interests. They had been around people who only used them for their royal titles all their lives.

William and Catherine were on-off for a decade before they got engaged. Harry became desperate to have what his brother had so he proposed on impulse. This is what Meghan wanted to happen. They turned down the Queen’s offer to live without duties and titles but they declined.

This is what a power play by the Sussexes looks like. They wanted to be seen in the same light as William and Catherine. Special. Going out and greeting the people. Oh, wait… Meghan never wanted to meet ordinary people because she was nothing like them.

Meghan And The Need For Control And Thinking Popularity Means The Good Jobs

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Now, we know Meghan knows having a title means a quick cash grab. She tried it with Sussex Royal but was told they couldn’t monetise something with the word ‘royal’. She and Harry threw a tantrum saying that Queen doesn’t own the term. Right, she doesn’t but a monarchy cannot be sold or purchased.

Meghan wants to make as much money as she possible can off her in-laws. Only, they stopped her before she could. So much for trademarking all that stuff and that new website was all for nothing. You can’t use something that you can’t profit from.

Also, after the 2018 royal wedding, Meghan had everything she could’ve wanted. She got the prince, the title, a multimillion pound wedding that she claims bought a billion pounds to the British economy. Though, a lot of people look past the fact she kicked the homeless off the street for her big day. How is this good at all?

Now, Meghan is a control freak who has to be in command of her and Harry’s profiles. She wants them to be ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saviours of the world’. Her ideal universe would include word salads about kindness and how we need to look after each other. You know, all the sugary goodness that comes with being an ex-royal.

If she and Harry have their titles stripped from them by the Queen, it would spell the end of any new commercial deals the Sussexes are likely to want to make.

Finally, during their time as senior royals, Harry and Meghan were upset because they didn’t get the good jobs but felt they deserved them because they were more popular. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

Why All The Secrecy?

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Our final point is why do Meghan and Harry want privacy when they don’t actually stay away from the cameras? They very rarely show Archie and don’t talk about him much. Then, they go around suing publications and paparazzi. Are they really that desperate for cash?

Do the couple have something to hide? Is Archie even their child? Did they do some dodgy deal to get them millions of dollars to achieve Meghan’s goal of being wealthy? Here’s the thing. Harry would never have cared about money if it weren’t for his power-hungry and fame-seeking wife. There’s a lot of things that don’t add up with this pair.

Also, what does suing the paparazzi do? It’s clear Meghan knew the camera were there and smiled as she always does. Then she complains about it? *insert eye roll emoji here*

How Could The Whole Situation With The Monarchy And The Sussexes Become So Bad?

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Meghan’s desire for control and Harry’s need to make her happy has caused the true royals to throw up their hands and just give up. The Sussexes are going to do whatever they want and should just be allowed to do so. Let them royally (no pun intended) screw it up on their own.

They have zero regards for the rules and it is Harry who is partially to blame for allowing Meghan to control every aspect for their lives. She’s the one who wants the fame and the cameras. Her end goal was to live a comfortable life without the need to work. However, this is not what the Queen had in mind when her grandson went to her and said he’s found a bride.

Meghan might’ve said she admired the Queen but its clear with all the rule breaking, she doesn’t give a fuck what her grandmother-in-law wants. She even had the nerve to complain that she wasn’t protected while she was pregnant. In her tiny mind, she is the Queen of her life and she wants to rule the monarchy.

William has even tried to reason with his brother, but couldn’t. Meghan is the reason for all of this and she needs to be held accountable.

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