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Chronicles Of Harkle: Controlling The Internet, Trolling, And Corrupting American Politics

[CAUTION: This Post Contains MILD Coarse Language]

Knowing you have control is like lighting a candle. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Chronicles of Harkle post. But with everything going on in our community and the other topics we focus on, there hasn’t been time. Well, I’m back, and I will begin with something I’ve addressed previously.

For weeks, there has been an onslaught of accusations involving members of our quaint group that include backstabbing, doxxing, and lying.

What happened was, several of our members turned on each other because of things going on in their private lives. Moreover, they decided to take their feuds public and to get people to side with them. It has since snowballed.

I’ve seen dozens of comments where legal action is allegedly now on the cards. Grow. The fuck. Up. You’re adults engaging like children fighting over the latest playground craze. It is vastly immature of anyone to be bitching about who said what to who for whatever reason. I don’t give a fucking damn, and I know a ton of people are confused over it. In all honesty, so am I. One moment, everything was fine. Then the next, people want the dirt on the situation.

Furthermore, this isn’t high school where gossip snowballs so fast that the target has virtually no control. It’s the 21st Century where anyone can turn into a social justice keyboard warrior.

Think Before You Post

Social media is a cycle of thoughts feelings. As an entertainment blogger/journalist, I’ve seen drama play out in other communities, such as the beauty community, where there’s a feud every week.

Every online fandom has toxicity, but we can minimise it.

I’m sick of the bitching and public slanderings. In other words, think before doing anything.

I don’t give five fucks if you have 100 followers or close to 100k followers. You were beginners once too. Or have you forgotten that? I’ve seen a load of high profile creators who are non-royal content creators who have literally millions in the back and still act immaturity and create drama just for clicks. It’s wrong on so many levels. I know creators whose attitudes haven’t changed since they started and have remained mellow. They don’t allow their large followings to go to their heads. They don’t care about becoming the next Justin Bieber.

Before I jump into the main post, I want to say this. Everyone is in control of their social media accounts. So, please take into consideration other people’s feelings when you post about them. If you’re having a spat with someone private, please keep it between yourselves. It takes one comment or photo for a situation to spiral out of control.

Control Of The Internet – Part One

Okay, so let’s get down to the crux of the post, shall we? We just had to get the rant off our chest before it affected the rest of this post. Anyway, moving on to our first topic. It has come to the attention of a load of people that the Sussexes have joined companies that have shares in social media. That’s right. They’re siding with the very thing they said was “toxic”.

Yes, I’m aware that this has been a conversation bought up before, but again, I wanted to bring my thoughts to the table. After the Sussexes joined up with Ethic, a so-called “ethnical banking” company, I got talking with my friend Sue Smith, and we both agreed, it was odd that Harry and Meghan would do this.

We concluded that there’s more going than people are seeing. Sue did an incredible video last week called “Controlling the Internet“, where she explains the web that has been woven between the Sussexes and their attempts to control what is said about them online. I would strongly advise watching it as she explains much better than I can.

To break down, what I’ve been able to find out, via a thorough web search, Harry’s travel company, Travalyst partnered with Google, which instantly raised a red flag. Ultimately, this is stated on the front page of the official website of Travalyst.

[Credit: Screenshot by me, C.J.Hawkings]

According to an article posted on the Travalyst website, the deal with Google was sealed on September 22nd, 2021. Google has its mitts on virtually everything, including YouTube, Motorola, and Fitbit, according to Rebecca Cattlin of Many people have theorised that perhaps the constant hits against various high profile YouTubers could’ve come from the higher-ups, given Harry’s connections. Though, I’m not 100% convinced that I believe that entirely.

Control Of The Internet – Part Two

I have heard things where it’s believed that Meghan goes through YouTube and writes down channels or any content that insults her. However, I don’t think I’m convinced of that either. There is thousands, if not millions, of videos that mention her. Not all of them are bad. It would take a LOT of reporting to get these videos removed. Just because Travalyst has ties to Google doesn’t mean that the Sussexes have THAT MUCH sway over the content that centres around them.

The same applies to the overall media. They cannot control what is put out about them. What’s more, is it is no secret that Harry and Meghan order their PR team to have puff pieces put out about them. My friend Sue, who I mentioned earlier, refers to them as balloon pieces or something similar to that as they want to see what floats with the public. However, about 98% of puff pieces backfire on them.

Ultimately, this leads us to Ethic, the ethical banking firm or whatever it is. Ethic is not as… ethical as they want people to think as they allow investing in oil companies. Also, Sue did some deeper digging, as she mentions in her video entitled, “Bad PR, Banking, a Fabulous UK Star and Finn“, that Ethic has shares in Facebook, Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google and Twitter.

Someone tell me that’s a coincidence because it doesn’t seem like it. Also, Murky Meg was given an IP Ban from Twitter which only comes from the top of Twitter. Anyone who followed her on Twitter will know that NOTHING she said was racist or offensive. She said in a video that she hadn’t been alerted to the suspension. Nor had she been put in Twitter prison.

Meghan’s Attempt To Control American Politicians

Finally, we reach the end of this post. Before I continue, I want to apologise for the over the top introduction that was split into two parts. I have just had enough of the bitching and everything else that has been going on in our community. I needed a good vent. While I now have this off my chest, I wanted to finish this post off with Meghan’s latest venture; writing to US Congress about Paid Parental Leave as presented by Paid Leave For All.

While this wouldn’t have been so bad had she used just her name and not her title, there’s so much that screams desperation. First off, she talks about being only able to afford the $4.99 salad bar at Sizzler when she was growing up. Please! Her parents took her to sushi restaurants, and her dad took her to upscale eating establishments where the steaks now cost like $50. Twitter user Madison~Chief Impact Officer@Roast Chicken Shack dug up this little nugget from The Tig regarding the sushi restaurants. I haven’t been able to find the actual article in the web archive, but I believe the tweet.

[Credit: @Madison48260187 – Twitter]

Sue addressed in a video from a couple of days ago called “Congressional Letter and Finn” that Meghan didn’t grow up impoverished as she insinuated in her letter. It has been known for years that Markle attended expensive schools that cost thousands of dollars per year. All of her education was paid for by her dad. Not to mention, Thomas won the lottery, as pointed out by journalist Angela Levin on Twitter, who has written about Harry before he married his wife.

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