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Babes Against Bullshit: What The Actual Hell?! – Pete Evans Backtracks On His COVID-19 Thoughts And He’s Lost More Brain Cells


I never in a million years thought that I would put a BaBS article under the health, celebrities, and food categories all at one time. Well, former TV chef turned conspiracy theorist, Pete Evans can be classified as a load of things. The man has lost one too many brain cells and that’s putting it lightly. Did the reality of not being as beloved as Manu Feidel or the idea of losing My Kitchen Rules sink into his tiny noggin? Looks like it didn’t.

The former television personality has been sprouting his conspiracy theories again and this time, it’s just more nauseating than it was before. He has done something that only he would be able to pull off in such a capacity of stupidity. Evans, who has become… shall we say disillusioned with the world since My Kitchen Rules ended, posted a graphic on his Facebook page of the Neo-Nazi symbol, according to Now, I’m not going to post it here as I don’t want my blog to deemed insensitive.

Also, Evans is now saying that COVID-19 isn’t real. Like, what the actual fuck? This is coming from the guy who got fined for advertising a light machine worth $15k that basically did nothing and forced the conspiracy about Coronavirus being treatable to his horde of followers.

People look up to Evans for his cooking and they know him from MKR. For years, he was a household name and his viewers would admire him for his skills in the kitchen. He was a little weird because of his lifestyle, but we can’t all be the same, right? Then, his show ends and he begins sprouting all this crap about the pandemic. Like, dude! Shut up! No one wants to hear your weird ass conspiracy theories.

Don’t Take Your Weird Conspiracy Theories On I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

TV Blackbox has allegedly confirmed that Evans will be among the celebrities on the 2021 season I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia. Let’s cross our fingers and our toes that he doesn’t take his conspiracy theories. Since the show won’t be filmed in Africa this time due to COVID, it will be based in NSW. This has not been officially confirmed yet.

I’ve never watched a full episode of I’m A Celebrity, and I certainly won’t be tuning in to this at all when it airs in January.

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