5 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Princess Diana


During the lifetime of Diana, Princess of Wales the mother of Princes William and Harry was very much loved throughout the world. While she was not the perfect human being we perceive her to be, she knew that everyone had their flaws and deserved to be loved. However, there have been many conspiracy theories after her passing.

Before we dive into the post, we stress that we DO NOT believe these conspiracy theories.

1. Conspiracy Regarding Whether Diana Was Engaged And Pregnant When She Died

Princess Diana desperately wanted to be loved. Charles has never loved her the way he did Camilla. She dated several men before and after her divorce from the Prince of Wales. At the time of her passing, there were numerous conspiracy theories out there. One was that Diana was pregnant and engaged to Dodi Fayed.

While the engagement is impossible to prove, the pregnancy conspiracy isn’t. According to USA Today’s Maeve McDermott, the Princess of Wales’ body was embalmed before it was examined. This made it hard to acquire blood. However, blood was lifted from the carpet of the destroyed Mercedes. Then, it was tested for the HCG hormone, which is associated with pregnancy. It was concluded that the Princess of Wales was NOT pregnant when she passed.

2. Diana Died Because Of Dodi’s Ethnicity

During the Apple docuseries, The Me You Can’t See, Diana’s youngest son, Harry, claimed that his mother died because her partner “wasn’t white.” Moreover, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Princess’ passing had nothing to do with Dodi’s ethnicity.

Photos of Dodi while on vacation with Diana show he had white skin, indicating he was caucasian. However, it is unknown whether he saw himself as caucasian. Also, Harry’s conspiracy theory about his mother’s death is easily debunkable as she dated Hasnat Khan while the divorce was going through the courts. Hasnat Khan is a person of colour. They { had a relatively private life, and he was a well-known figure in the medical community as he is a heart surgeon. The media left them alone.

According to Hasnat Khan at the inquest in 2008 into Diana’s death as per the BBC, the relationship broke down because of who she was. He allegedly stated it was Diana that broke off the relationship in June 1997, not Khan. The only way they could’ve had a quiet life, had they stayed together, would’ve involved them moving to Pakistan permanently as the media was not intrusive.

3. The Driver Plotted To Assassinate Diana and Dodi

Henri Paul, who died in the crash, is believed by some conspiracy theorists to have been reasonable for Diana and Dodi’s deaths. In other words, he assassinated them. According to Angela Balakrishnan of the Guardian in a 2008 article, the theory claims that a British security service ordered Henri Paul to do the alleged hit on the couple.

However, this doesn’t add up. Paul was drunk when he sped away with Diana, Dodi and the bodyguard in the car. The only reason this theory even exists is that Paul had a load of cash when he died. Henri Paul was well off in his own right. The 2008 inquest also concluded, according to intel given by Inspector Carpenter, that Paul was seen allegedly waving at the paparazzi as if tipping off the others to follow.

4. Diana and Dodi Faked Their Deaths

The Guardian article (linked above) highlights an unthinkable theory. The conspiracy claims that Diana and Dodi faked their deaths and now live elsewhere. This theory is easily disproven due to the princess’ love for her sons, William and Harry. If she were alive, she would not have wanted to miss out on their lives and meeting their wives and children.

This theory exists because of a comment Diana made to royal journalist Richard Kay just six hours before the crash took her life. She said she wanted to pull away from public life and live a private one. Then, there’s the fact of Trevor Rees-Jones being the only survivor of the accident. Mercedes auto experts said that given the wreckage of the car and the speed the vehicle was travelling, it is highly illogical that anyone would’ve survived. However, Rees-Jones did, hence why people believe the Princess of Wales is still alive somewhere.

We agree that this story is impossible given how much Diana adored her sons. She wouldn’t have given up being in their lives for a second even for any man she was with.

5. Prince Philip Ordered A Hit On Diana And Dodi

Finally, you cannot have a list of conspiracy theories without Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father. The grieving father had a series of conspiracy theories of his own. One of them is that Prince Philip ordered a hit on his former daughter-in-law. His reasoning for this theory is due to his paranoia. He believes that Philip didn’t want the boys to have a Muslim stepfather if Dodi and Diana had married.

However, letters between Philip and Diana would suggest a close relationship. An article by Kayleigh Roberts for Marie Claire in 2018 that the Duke of Edinburgh attempted to help Diana and Charles through their rough patch. It is also alleged that he spoke of his dismay to Diana as to why Charles would leave her for Camilla. Diana referred to her former father-in-law as “Pa”. Think of it as being the same as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge referring to Charles as “Grandpa” at the James Bond premiere.

Therefore, if Philip wanted Diana and Dodi dead, he would not have been so warm towards her. We deem this conspiracy as debunked.

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