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Home And Away: Witness X Has NOT Been Revealed… Yet?


Okay, we’re confused. Has Witness X been revealed or haven’t they? Plus Colby is about to go to court…

There is so much to be confused about when it comes to this Witness X business on Home and Away. We thought that they’d been revealed to be Colby’s scorned lover, Taylor Rosetta. It appears they have not shown who it is yet. Our bad! With the disgraced cop’s life untangling quicker than he can stop it.

Since Jasmine bailed him out, Colby has gone for Ziggy, thinking she told the police. Like Willow pointed out, it’s not Dean’s ex’s style to rat someone out. He’s also confused as to who would tell Angelo about his crime.

It’s hard to work out even from the viewer’s perspective who could’ve told the cops. A lot of people think it might be Chelsea, Colby’s ex-wife, since she was the only other person outside of Willow, Dean, and Bella who knew when the whole thing went down. This has since extended to Nikau, Ziggy, and Mackenzie.

Colby has said that that he doubts it would be his ex-wife as it would damage her career. While he’s not wrong, there’s still his other friends and his sister to consider. We’ve also stressed that there are two different scenarios that might play out. The first of these being that he dies during a prison break. Our second pick is he perishes at the hands of some of Ross’ mates who might be in the same gaol.

Thorne has a lot to lose outside of his dignity. He will lose the respect to all who know him as being a good guy. So, whoever Witness X – out bet is it is still Taylor. However, tonight is when all Colby’s scheming will make him come unstitched so we hope it was worth it that he spent so long pulling strings to ensure he didn’t get caught out.

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