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Don’t Confuse The Actor For The Character They Play. Sam Frost Sets The Record Straight

Being an actor means having to face criticisms that you don’t necessarily want to hear. However, fans often confuse the star with the character they play and that’s the reality that reality star-turned-actor Sam Frost has had to face.

From the moment her casting was announced, Sam Frost has faced criticism galore. However, as of recently, she’s had to put up with Home and Away fans who confuse her with her on-screen alter ego, Jasmine Delaney who is currently obsessed with Tori Morgan’s baby daughter, Grace.

The actress jumped on Instagram to put the record straight with fans who were sliding into her DMs accusing her off being a baby stealer. Moreover, in a series of videos that have now been deleted, she said the following:

People are very angry at me at the moment but I think I just need to remind everyone it’s a TV show. It’s not real, I don’t actually want to steal a baby.

Sam Frost

Remind Us Again… What Was This Storyline?

Furthermore, why did Sam have to remind people not to confuse her with her character, Jasmine? Well, here’s the story.

Jasmine Delaney lost her husband Robbo in a car wreck at the beginning of 2020. Over time she started to experience symptoms that resembled that of a pregnancy. However, it wasn’t until she went for her 12-week scan that she discovered she’s suffered a phantom pregnancy.

She enters a downward spiral where she becomes fixated on her stepdaughter, Grace. The storyline is still continuing all these months later, but it’s slow going. She has began to confuse her imagination with reality and it’s only getting worse.

Jasmine believes her late husband would want her to protect Grace the same way he would. Nonetheless, she’s going about it in the wrong way. She thinks Tori is a poor parent and has been posting lies about her on an online forum.

Penny McNamee Weighs In

Sam’s co-star Penny McNamee who plays Grace’s mum, Tori has also informed fans not to confuse her friend for the character she plays. In an Instagram post she jokes to her followers that they shouldn’t mess with Sam as they will have her [Penny] to deal with.

It’s understandable that fans love to engage with the cast and the story being told. However, it not okay for someone to accuse the actor or a creative of doing something they’d never actually do in real life. It’s cruel and you need to think about how the actual person feels.

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