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The Bold And The Beautiful: Carter Confronts Zoe!

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We cannot believe we’re actually saying this, but we feel really bad for Ridge and having Carter confront Zoe was just tense…

Wow! Carter is forced to confront Zoe about her feelings for Zende but it was Ridge we felt really sorry for. We can’t believe we actually said – argh! – read that. The model will have a LOT of explaining to do in tomorrow’s episode but one thing is clear.

Zoe is going to lose Carter and the perks of being his significant other. She waltzes in saying they’re going to be a power couple and this where he has to confront her and it’s going to be ugly. Now, we all know she only became eager to marry him because she couldn’t have Zende.

Seeing him confront her really pained us but in the best way possible. She is not going to be able to wriggle out of this one. During her conversation with Zende earlier in the episode, she claimed that Ridge didn’t blab to Carter. Boy was she wrong! At the same time as the chat, he was doing exactly what she said he wasn’t doing.

We have to wait to see what happens because the confrontation was just beginning. Zoe is going to say that it was a misunderstanding and that she wants to marry Carter. *Cue the basketball buzzer* Woah! No, she doesn’t. She only wants to become Missus Carter Walton because of the advantages it will give her. She’s already said that she wants to be a power couple.

Titles Or Name… You Can’t Have Both, Zoe!

It’s been no secret that Zoe’s had an obsession with the Forresters since she arrived in LA. She stalked Emma who was an intern, downplayed her death and trolled Hope who works for Forrester Creations. Then, there’s the baby swap. She helped her father cover up that little Phoebe was actually Beth.

Then Zoe go involved with Thomas and was duped and pushed aside as part of his plan to woo Hope. Okay, that wasn’t entirely her fault, but she if she wasn’t so caught up in wanting to be a Forrester then she would have seen that she was being conned.

Anyway, fast forward to Zende’s return to Los Angeles and there was an ‘instant’ connection between them. Yes, there was but her priority was Carter. Sure, he tried to send her that text but it didn’t go through until now. Does the term ‘commitment’ mean absolutely nothing to her?

The issue we have with Zoe is that she thinks she can have the best of both worlds. She thinks that if she has two men fighting over her than it will give her a boost in the modelling world. We’re sorry but is her place as the top Hope for the Future model not good enough for her?

Paris And Ridge Were Right To Be Concerned

If there’s one thing Paris hates when it comes to her sister, it’s her desire to be better than what she is. We know the younger Buckingham is. She is grateful for everything she has done and will continue to do. However, her sister wants the high life.

Ridge knew something wasn’t right. He might be dealing in double standards, but when it comes to Carter, his loyalty is well-established. They’re like brothers and they’ve voiced their brotherly love for each other on multiple occasions. He could see that Zoe wasn’t fully committed to his friend and wanted to to call her out on it.

Sure, the man has double standards but his heart is (kinda) in the right place.

Going over to Paris, she had every right to confront her sister about her motivations. If there is one person who can see through Zoe, it’s her sibling. She [Zoe] is no better than their father who schemed by selling baby Beth to Steffy and Taylor in order to get himself out a gambling debt he couldn’t pay back.

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