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Home And Away: Angelo Uses Taylor To Get A Confession From Colby


Our boy Angelo is no longer our guy. We were happy when it was announced he was returning to the Bay after almost 10 years, but no longer the same dude he once was. He is not above using his own wife to get a confession from his lead suspect…

Colby had better watch his back because Angelo is closing in and is about to uncover his affair with Taylor and will use her to get a confession from him. What makes this even more tantalising is how the whole situation is going to play out, according to Back to the Bay.

However, with an unintentional confession on the horizon and possible prison time, does that mean our theory about Colby dying in bust out from gaol is correct? It might be as we’ve seen multiple sources say that the Senior Constable will meet his demise. We like to reserve judgement until there’s more information.

So, how does this whole thing go down? We’re going to give as much information as we can without spoiling it.

Taylor’s Slip Up Leads To Angelo Uncovering The Affair

We mentioned last week that Angelo’s wife and Colby’s mistress, Taylor slipped up during a conversation. Her husband’s ears perk up as he questions her. She claims she read it in an article but he doesn’t buy it. This leads him to standing outside Colby’s apartment.

This week, however, things intensify when Angelo decides to take matters into his own hands. He joins Taylor for dinner and sneaks a peek at her phone while she is away from the table. Finding her call log empty, he fakes an emergency at work and pretends to be Colby so he can get his wife’s phone records.

Once he gets them, he finds there is a number that is called multiple times. Ringing it, confirms his suspicions; Taylor has some kind of allegiance to Colby. But what is it?

Later this week, Angelo will pretend that a witness has come forward to verify his claims that Colby killed his stepfather. Taylor will be horrified and will run straight to her lover just as her husband knows she will. What the detective discovers next will shock him; his wife and his prime suspect are having an affair.

What Happens Next?

We’re not sure how much of the story will play out this week, but it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if it continues into next week too. Will Angelo get the confession he wants?

It’s likely he will because Back to the Bay reports (see link above) that Angelo gives Taylor a necklace that has a listening device but she doesn’t know about. Colby’s world is about to come crashing down around his ears and it’s going to be his fault.

Where Will This Put Angelo And Taylor’s Relationship?

With Colby going to give Taylor a confession, it’s likely that the truth will come out and it’s going to blow the massage therapist and Angelo’s marriage into the abyss that we common folk call divorce. There was a breach of trust in the eyes of both of them and there’s no coming back from that.

Also, Angelo is going to have blood on his hands if Colby does die in the eyes of his wife anyone who knows the cop well. However, the senior constable did start the mess by killing his stepdad, burying his body, using Taylor to get information and having his family cover it up. Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a shit show but in the best way possible. Though, it should be noted he deserves it.

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