Trump’s So-Called Concession Speech Was Clearly Not Written By Him


Donald Trump was never going to be make a concession speech. Like ever. After the events of yesterday, he trying to save his own ass…

There was no way Donald Trump would ever correct his own mistakes, nor would he make a concession speech and it shows. The man has too much of ego to admit defeat. As Brian Tyler Cohen pointed out in his livestream earlier today, the president conceded was never going to happen and he’s right.

During the livestream, Cohen played the speech a total of three times, which can be seen via Trump’s official Twitter account:

[Credit: Twitter – @realDonaldTrump]

While he does not say directly, “I’m conceding the election result to Joe Biden”, that’s the message he is trying to send. However, it is clear the words he saying, are not his own. Also, there is a lie thrown in there for good measure. He’s trying to avoid the 25th Amendment being enforced which will remove his power or another impeachment.

Our thoughts were even seconded in an article by Pedestrian. If Trump had of had his way, he wouldn’t have done the address at all. However, after he incited the violence at Capitol Hill yesterday, he’s trying hold on to what is left of his fragile presidency.

We addressed the violence yesterday and spoke about how the 25th Amendment could be bought in. Different sources claim a conversation with advisors and Vice President Mike Pence either happened or it didn’t. We’re on the fence or that one.

Trump’s Fragile Ego Is On Full Display

conceded; concession
[Credit: Axios]

During the video, it is obvious that Trump does not what to be there. He’s only doing it to preserve whatever is left of his circus of a presidency. Now, that’s not us parroting other commentators. Far from it. For four years, we’ve had to tune to the news on a nightly basis to see his smug face and gesturing hands as he delivers speech after speech, lie after lie.

We even had pointed out to us that whenever Trump does a certain hand gesture it’s a lie. He also does not give a damn about the thousands of people who have died in America of COVID-19. Sure, he had it too and recovered but he was in the high risk groups of dying. He’s not invincible like he thinks, basically he thinks he is god.

Donald was told to do the address in order to save himself. It’s too late for that. Four people who followed him blindly are dead. Even more have died in the last year because of his refusal to deal with the virus which has infected millions.

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